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INKredible PRO includes all in-app purchase features of INKredible (a $9 value) plus free future updates.
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INKredible PRO is an application that helps you quickly write down the information you need and supports palm rejection mode. Some elements, such as the control panel, and some simple tasks are easily accessible with your fingers. At the same time, palm rejection note-taking has certain advantages that make it more convenient. If your device is running Android 11, don’t forget to see how to restore your files.

Run a process that retrieves data from previous versions

With the latest version of INKredible PRO, the user he encounters Android 11 related issues. The library they found is empty. The data does not disappear at all, but remains in the application’s folder. So you just have to follow the developer’s instructions. B. Compress the found files and perform data recovery when using the application. It only takes a few minutes to make, so keep calm and read each step carefully.

Create notes the easy way

The ability for users to experience with INKredible PRO is to quickly write down information they deem important. There are many ways to take notes. B. Enter content with your finger or use a handheld pen to enter content. At the same time, each method of grading has its own advantages, and the ease of use can be discovered gradually, depending on the characteristics of the device.

Customize pen stroke properties

One of the non-negligible improvements in using INKredible PRO is the ability to freely adjust the writing pen properties. Parameter adjustment functions are displayed as needed. At the same time, you can choose your favorite colors to highlight important elements and make your content stand out. In addition to this important feature, there are advanced features.

Swipe adjustment

Besides writing with a pen, swipes are too important to ignore in INKredible PRO. Regarding the customizing of the pen function mentioned above, there is no problem with the setting that you can swipe to disappear and continue writing. You can also use two fingers to switch pages or create new pages. You can also draw a circle around the text to select it and scale it as needed.

Built-in palm rejection mode

One feature that many people are interested in when using a stylus to go through the note-taking process is palm rejection. Simply placing your hand on the screen and taking a quick note is enough to make you aware of its capabilities. To activate this mode you will eventually see a hand and pen icon. Also, you should check if you have allowed it. It is a feature that cannot be ignored.

Just share with friends

If you’re having trouble with Android 11, you can save and restore files to your device after you complete the note-taking process. You can also export the two types of written files as images or PDFs. There are different applications for each file type and you can share it yourself to any platform you want. Great for users to share their knowledge with their friends.

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  • INKredible PRO Ekran görüntüsü


- Support newest Android OS
- Rework the GDrive synchronization feature
- Bugs fix and improvements


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