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The app provides a more convenient experience. Users can manage and share business cards more easily. CamCard is suitable for everyone, especially sellers, entrepreneurs and marketers. … users don’t have to worry about losing business cards when scanning with this application. This application helps you save time and effort in business card management.

Scan and save business cards

While using this application, users can take advantage of very good features. You can exchange cards with people around you to make your transactions more convenient. In addition, scanning and archiving business cards is also very important and helps ensure that the number of cards is verified to prevent card loss.

Create reminders for users

CamCard allows users to write more exciting notes to mark important events and information. In addition, the application system provides additional reminders so you don’t miss or forget anything. Many attractive notes embellish the application, and more importantly remember business cards in detail. This will display the events and information you need to enter first.

Beautify your profile

To make an impression and gain recognition, you need to create a beautiful profile. In particular, users must update the information in their profile completely and accurately. Users can also get more contact updates from CamCard. In addition, you can access various contact information. Users record and manage their contacts in a clear manner for easy search and contact.

Supports many different languages

With support for different languages ​​from all over the world, you can experience this application wherever you are in the country. Users are expected to be able to use the application in English. Moreover, you can share in Chinese, Russian, French and other popular languages. It’s also the most convenient and easiest way to reach out and chat with businesses and other users around the world.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü
  • CamCard - BCR (Western) Ekran görüntüsü


What’s New
Business Card Group Managemennt——Support multiple sorting. Adjust the arrangement order of business cards according to the number of business cards and group name. Quick arrangement and easy selection.


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