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  • Recursos premium/pagos desbloqueados;
  • Permissões indesejadas desativadas/removidas + receptores + provedores + serviços;
  • Gráficos otimizados e zipados e recursos limpos para carregamento rápido;
  • Permissões de anúncios / serviços / provedores removidos do AndroidManifest;
  • Links de anúncios removidos e métodos de invocação anulados;
  • Visibilidade dos layouts de anúncios desativada;
  • Verificação do pacote de instalação da Google Play Store desativada;
  • Código de depuração removido;
  • Remova o nome padrão das tags .source dos arquivos java correspondentes;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase desativados;
  • Google Drive broken;
  • Promo apps removed from menu;
  • Idiomas: Multilíngues completos;
  • CPUs: arquitetura universal;
  • DPIs de tela: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • A assinatura do pacote original foi alterada;
  • Lançamento da Balatan.


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WeNote is considered a handy little notebook designed to help you in your life. It’s the most convenient way to write down important content for work or college. You also have the right to create a schedule of things to do for yourself in the simplest and most specific way possible. Thanks to him, you will never forget any appointments or important events.

TODO List Creation and Creation

WeNote allows users to create a clear and detailed list of tasks for the week by themselves. Place objects associated with specific times to help you easily remember your goals and reach them quickly and optimally. With this application, planning a shopping trip or taking notes on important information at a meeting can be done in the easiest and most convenient way.

Draw and Write Creativity

With WeNote, you are free to draw and write whatever you like in your own style, as long as it is recognizable. You can also edit and arrange each color and sticker. In addition, you can also add some images to make your notes clearer and easier to read. Everyone has their own way of arranging and building them, so be confident and feel free to create a list of your most useful notes.

Do you have special schedules and daily reminders?

With WeNote, you will receive reminders whenever you have important schedules or tasks. Important events cannot be ignored, but on the contrary, this application will always notify you regularly and help you avoid unexpected cases. There are over 11 different color themes. Become a proficient user and know how to create your own content!

Very Beautiful and Attractive Interface

WeNote provides a beautiful and modern screen with many rich and easy-to-read colors. Here, each task is organized on a separate page, making it all easy to manage and customize. What’s more, you can find and install the most vivid fonts yourself to increase the enthusiasm of your users and impress and excite them every time they use them. increase.

Locking Applications with Different Modes

Users can protect their privacy by locking applications using different forms. As a specific method, you can lock it with a PIN, draw a complicated unlocking pattern that only you can understand, and set your fingerprint. It makes unlocking everything easier and saves you time.

In addition, this application ensures that all your important information and notes are safe, you will never lose your files in this application. It’s free and meets every need of life. What are you waiting for? Try it! Please recommend this app to your friends and relatives to enjoy the convenient note taking features that this application offers.

Capturas de tela

  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela
  • WeNote: Notes Notepad Notebook Captura de tela


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