Smart Launcher 6 MOD APK (Premium desbloqueado)

6.4 build 030
Smart Launcher improves and extends the features of your Android devices giving them a new home screen designed to be easier and faster to use.
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6.4 build 030
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Mod Info:

  • Recursos Pro/Pagos desbloqueados;
  • Permissões indesejadas desativadas/removidas + receptores + provedores + serviços;
  • Gráficos otimizados e zipados e recursos limpos para carregamento rápido;
  • Permissões de anúncios / serviços / provedores removidos do Android.manifest;
  • Links de anúncios removidos e métodos de invocação anulados;
  • Visibilidade dos layouts de anúncios desativada;
  • Verificação do pacote de instalação da Google Play Store desativada;
  • Código de depuração removido;
  • Remova o nome padrão das tags .source dos arquivos java correspondentes;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase desativados;
  • Não há rastreadores ou anúncios ativos;
  • AOSP compatible;
  • Idiomas: Multilíngues completos;
  • CPUs: arquitetura universal;
  • DPIs de tela: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • A assinatura do pacote original foi alterada;
  • Lançamento da Balatan.


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Smart Launcher 6 Mod APK greatly improves the way users interact with the home screen or system on their default device. It also brings extraordinary innovation to interaction through a customizable launcher.

Smart Launcher 6 is a great versatile launcher with many features and system integrations to minimize user interaction through many special features. It also comes with rich and unique content, including many performance improvements for wallpapers and icons. The best thing about this app is the deep and diverse customizations that promise to give every user the convenience they need for the best possible experience.

Smart Launcher pro

Great launcher with advanced built-in features

Smart Launcher 6 introduces people to significant improvements in user interface and interaction with the system or screen on the home screen. These improvements include many features and tweaks that give users more ideas to personalize things conveniently. On the other hand, many launchers have undergone layout, design and general color changes to take the usage experience to a new level for all users.

Customizable home screen with awesome features

When users apply the new launcher to their devices, the home screen’s primary look will change dramatically, with a cleaner layout and design. It also automatically organizes all apps into categories or other flexible locations so that all user interaction is at her one finger only. Of course, feel free to add or arrange gridless applications to create many fun and unique differences that most launchers don’t offer.

Beautiful icon packs with unique designs

Besides the launcher, Smart Launcher 6 also brings users many unique icon packs with different styles, distinctive and well-designed. Each group automatically changes the application icon and has a wide selection of popular and trending content. In addition, users can optionally create depth icon packs through various systems available in the application and replace the icons with personal images.

A balanced fluid grid for an immersive user experience.

When the user visits the menu interface or notification bar, everything runs smoothly thanks to the functionality of the launcher with many interesting extensions. In short, everything is soft and familiar with many humorous improvements for more interaction. Not only that, but everything is fully optimized, prioritizing the one-finger control style so that users can conveniently navigate the device.

Gridless and customizable widgets for a wide range of experiences

The widgets that come with Smart Launcher 6 are great additions that enhance user experience for system optimization. All gadgets act like miniature versions of native apps, prioritizing displaying important information in a detailed and simple way. Luckily, these don’t have grids, so users can easily adjust or resize them, and even layer other widgets on the screen.

Design a new home screen for your device

If a user has a habit of accessing certain features or applications, the app can make things more agile and minimal with personal customization. This includes designing a separate user interface and changing the overall layout using the many creative and sophisticated templates in the system. Many new templates also come with their own modern add-on features that promise to create new experiences that users have never had before.

Smart Launcher 6 is one of your first choices when it comes to interacting with and accessing your system to change your personal experience. Likewise, each optional icon pack or additional feature is innovative and good, and ultimately improves a lot for the user. You can even create a completely new launcher with the style of

Principais recursos

A wide selection of launchers allows users to personalize their devices and home screens with innovative changes and interactions.

Packed with beautiful icon packs with a variety of free wallpapers to choose from, customizable colors, and more to transform your user experience.

Gridless interaction and app organization for users who want to quickly set up shortcuts and features and put everything at their fingertips.

Set up gridless widgets with great customization capabilities like resizing and stacking to display the information your users need.

Create a new launcher with a unique and creative aesthetic while neatly personalizing your apps for quick access from anywhere on your device.

Capturas de tela

  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela
  • Smart Launcher 3 - Classic Captura de tela


Smart Launcher 6.3 Build 040:
- The Wallpaper Cropper now includes a button to help you horizontally center your wallpaper with ease.
- The Calendar Widget now features a button to quickly create new events (only in the larger formats)
- Fixed a bug that slowed down icon loading in folders
- Fixed neutral tones on material palette
- Free users can now add up to 2 widget pages
- Correções de bugs

SL 6.4 is close, read more:



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