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Welcome to Podcast Addict, the ultimate podcast player designed specifically for Android users! Our app is here to revolutionize your podcast listening experience, offering unparalleled features and powerful tools to make discovering, organizing, and enjoying podcasts a breeze.
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  • Permissões de anúncios / serviços / provedores removidos do Android.manifest;
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  • Verificação do pacote de instalação da Google Play Store desativada;
  • Código de depuração removido;
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  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase desativados;
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  • Não há rastreadores ou anúncios ativos;
  • Modo compatível com AOSP;
  • Idiomas: Multilíngues completos;
  • CPUs: armeabi, armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
  • DPIs de tela: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • A assinatura do pacote original foi alterada;
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Podcast Addict will make you fall in love with countless podcast channels thanks to the possibilities and conveniences that give users the best listening experience. The content and context of each channel is different, creating great diversity that takes user discovery to new levels. Best of all, you can personalize your podcast library and listen anytime, anywhere, at home or in the car.

Podcast Addict

Innovative interface for fast interaction

The first impression users get when they visit Podcast Addict is a nice, elegant and clean interface when it comes to organizing and categorizing all your channels. In addition, he has two major platforms, podcast and radio, that are transforming the way users explore the entertainment industry. Users will always feel the freshest about their podcasts thanks to the neat organization of each item.

Podcast Addict apk

Huge content and categories

Thanks to its wealth of podcast channels, the app currently has over 4 million different channels from around the world for users to explore. All podcasts are organized into many rankings, categories and contexts for users to search by individual tags. Luckily, subtle filters allow you to narrow the scope of your search to get the results that best suit your interests. You can also customize your homepage and look forward to the latest content.

Access all episodes with a simple click

Each podcast channel offers historical content and Podcast Addict keeps everything neatly organized for you to access. It also has a built-in search engine that allows users to filter content based on various categories such as dates, showtimes, mainstream content, etc. Depending on each podcast channel, users are discovering more than ever before. Diverse and successful.

Podcast Addict pro

Personalize your playlist

Each user’s playlist is versatile and useful as it helps keep all your content neatly organized for future playback. Browsing the homepage, the user can bookmark any channel or episode and add it to his live playlist for easy access later. All content in the playlist is prioritized on the home page, creating a convenient shortcut with complete flexibility when users listen to podcasts.

Comfortable listening experience

Podcast Addict is committed to providing the best listening experience for everyone, wherever they are and offline. Podcasts often have no visual element, so all content or conversation runs in the background, allowing users to do other things at the same time. Of course, the application also allows the user to connect to her Bluetooth device and stream content in high quality. B. While driving a car, etc.

Podcast Addict mod

Extensive personalization

Since users have many unique settings, the application introduces many features to customize the system to individual needs. This includes changes to the overall layout and colors of the user interface, the podcast channel recommendation system, the personal library, and more. Make users feel more comfortable, expose them to new types of podcasts and expand their exploration into the world of entertainment.

Podcast Addict is an effective way to keep users listening to podcasts every day thanks to its features and regularly updated new content. A few personal tweaks can help them discover more exciting things they didn’t know about, share and connect with others, and diversify their podcast playlist.

Principais recursos

Find podcasts by searching by name or keyword (5 million podcasts / 100 million+ episodes).

Find podcasts using your favorite search engine like Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, and The Podcast Index.

Sort famous podcasts via way of means of class to discover what you are looking for.

Find a podcast network to subscribe to (NPR, Gimlet, BBC, Serial, Ted Talks, etc.).

Get personalized suggestions based on your current subscription.

Find podcasts similar to the one you’re listening to.

Copy and paste the podcast’s RSS/ATOM feed link. Supports iTunes/Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud, YouTube Channels, Playlists and URLs

Support private and premium podcasts via RSS feeds.

Updates, downloads, playlists and deletions are all automatic (set a specific time so you can download your favorite podcasts before you wake up)

Podcasts can have their own settings.

Interact with third-party applications and use intents to control the app.

Set an alarm to wake you up to your favorite podcast, radio station, audiobook or playlist when you wake up.

Capturas de tela

  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela
  • Podcast Addict: Podcast player Captura de tela


Podcast & Radio Addict v2024.6.1 Donate | Espelho

Podcast & Radio Addict v2024.3.3 Donate | Espelho

Podcast & Radio Addict v2024.1 Donate | Espelho


[New] In accordance with Google's latest requirements, the app now asks for Notification permission and uses the Android 13 media notification layout.
[New] New permissions as well if you want to use the app to play external files stored on your device.
[Fix] Episode reordering in the download manager randomly failing.
[Fix] Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.


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