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Watch live TV, stream TV shows, and enjoy movies anywhere on with Plex. Plex is subscription-free streaming that brings over 300 channels of your favorite TV shows, free movies, and live TV straight to you. Watch movies, and TV shows and choose from countless live TV options from anywhere, on any device.
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Plex is a home entertainment app that brings you music, movies, TV shows and much of the hottest content in the entertainment industry. Each area has a size and users can explore everything for free with simple controls. The application also brings a lot of surprises to its users through some of its own special features

A rich library of discovery features

The variety of content in the movie entertainment industry always offers viewers a lot of new things to enjoy in their free time. Everything is organized in different categories or folders for users to navigate more flexibly. Due to the variety and amount of content, Plex is meticulously designed with a user-friendly interface and providing people with free, high-quality content.

In addition to the large amount of content in the clean library, the application also introduces a discovery feature that broadens the user’s tastes in different genres. Additionally, each content is fully categorized or based on many great styles, allowing users to browse or track their discoveries directly within each folder. Some features are automated to expand user choice and provide access to new genres and content.

Best Built-in Streaming Experience

If users want to watch everything in the app, they need a stable and fast internet connection. From there, you can freely change the image quality and watch everything without downloading it to your device’s local storage, effectively saving a lot of time to enjoy the content freely. In addition, users can customize some features during the viewing process to get the best streaming experience.

You have full control. Depending on the type of content users are watching, more convenient options will be provided, making switching between episodes and shows easier and more convenient than ever. Of course, users can customize the streaming interface, further enhancing their experience with this compelling service.

Watch on the Go with Offline Mode

Plex introduces the ability for users to download content directly when they want while on the go. This includes simply downloading episodes and various shows, which the user can only watch from a special folder. Thanks to this feature, the image quality is always absolute, and users still have many of the conveniences they need to operate and change their viewing experience depending on the situation.

Watch movies with users can also share their Plex accounts with family and friends to share exciting content and watch more movies together every day. There are no restrictions on the application, everything is free, but the combination of recommendations makes each person’s discovery richer and more diverse. Also, each person is free to personalize their profile to find a private experience while watching movies.

Plex promises its users the best and most stable streaming experience and introduces many attractive features to personalize the application at will. Several special features extend the application, allowing users to enjoy movies in more new ways and watch them together.

This utility allows users to easily share their favorite media with others. Plus, you can sync your media to your phone or tablet for offline enjoyment. Sync media files to your favorite cloud services to make it easy for users to stream media files anytime. With just one touch, you can instantly view all your photos and videos on any smart TV that supports UPnP.

Intelligent Application Control

Now this application has added many important features to allow users to take full advantage of the utility of the application. Everyone has a treasure trove of movies, photos and sounds to enjoy in their spare time. Users will notice that the software’s main intuitive interface has undergone many changes. Software functionality is optimized in the most intuitive way. Plex gives users complete control in a whole new way.

Access and Enjoy Anytime

media file management software is recognized as an effective tool for users to enjoy and access movies, music and photos for entertainment. Anywhere, anytime access and user-enjoyment are the hallmarks of this utility. In other words, the ability to watch media content anywhere by playing the content from your device. Better manage utilities wherever your users are. Plex also brings a richer media library to your phone with the ability to insert descriptions, summarize and compare movie content.

Experience High Quality Sound, Image

In addition to the above features, this application allows users to experience the content available on large screen devices in full 1080p or 4K quality for a more comfortable and wonderful relaxing time. can spend The app is now constantly updated with 24 free news channels and you can also follow your top local news sources. Users can say they have never experienced such a simple viewing experience.

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NEW IN 10.14.0:
• [Mobile] Downloads: add pause/resume functionality to downloads.
• Search: distinguish between two simultaneous Live TV airings.
• Profile: the app could display some data on a blocked user's profile.
• Home: items were endlessly repeated when viewing all items in a hub.
• Player: app could crash when stopping a transcode session.
• Navigation: the selected tab could be remembered even if the setting was disabled.

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  1. fabricio diz:

    Only for nvidia shield TV box

  2. Augusto diz:

    Good night. I downloaded the plex apk but it is not showing the images

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