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Want an ultra-customizable alternative to your stock Android SMS / MMS app?
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It used to take a lot of time to send a message, but as technology has advanced it has become very easy to keep in touch with each other. There are many applications designed to meet your communication needs, but Chomp SMS is one of the most useful. This application helps you send messages faster and create an engaging chat experience thanks to its unique support tools.

Great messaging app with lots of extra features

A new program called Chomp SMS is in development. This program allows you to communicate with friends and family quickly and easily with instant girlfriend messages. Sending text messages and sharing information with others won’t be difficult thanks to this sophisticated program. You can create multiple messages in different modes and you will be impressed with its features. You can send love messages to your loved ones via SMS anytime, anywhere.

Free SMS

There is no cost to use Chomp SMS so every user can have fun and increase the popularity of her SMS. So you are free to compose and document for the fastest sending with an unlimited number of messages. Today there are many messaging applications with different features, but Chomp SMS has always attracted a lot of attention from users due to its free messaging features.


Application that use EMOJIS no longer make the messages you send dry and boring. You can choose any sticker or icon you like and use it in your message text to make the recipient feel your love. At the same time, symbols and stickers can also help you articulate your feelings and make your conversations more emotional.

Effective Message Blocking Features

You can use Chomp SMS’s Message Blocking and Blocking features to avoid getting distracted by messages you don’t want to receive. For example, phishing messages or messages that are threatening or harassing. In addition, the application provides a password that you can set to prevent access if other people want to see your messages. This allows for maximum security and privacy of user information. At the same time, this feature allows you to use the application with more confidence.

Especially you can change the chat color on each message to create a more intimate relationship or something special for your close friends. You can also use different fonts for your text messages with many beautiful and unique fonts.

Send Messages Automatically

If you work in a company or office, or are busy with a meeting, the application will send automatic notifications to attendees. Or if today is your birthday and you want to send a message to invite your friends, you can use this feature to send to many people at once. It is a function to automatically send a message to the other party at the time set in advance.

Create a Group Chat

Chomp SMS’s Group Chat feature allows you to message multiple friends at once and add them to the chat. Create groups to chat, learn, or share anything in your life, or create groups for a variety of purposes.

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chomp SMS Pro v9.15 APK / Espelho

chomp SMS Pro v9.13 APK / Espelho


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