Construction Calculator [Mod]
Construction Calculator - help you build a house, calculate building materials or make repairs in an apartment.
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Constructive calculator could help You to calculate allotment of materials for housebuilding or maintenance. Gives You opportunity to check your contractor for overspend and momently provide you necessary information.

At the moment, the application supports two languages – Russian and English.
You can change the application language in menu in the application settings.

This app perfectly works without connection to Internet and provide an exhaustive information by the targeted calculation.

Constructive calculator is unexpendable assistant at materials calculations and budgeting by the targeted housebuilding task.

Also You may send me Your requests and offers about improvements and new calculations. I’ll try to consider them in regular updatings.

At current version You could use next calculations;
1. Concrete value for foundation plate calculation.
Calculate concrete volume and load area by foundation. And also its cost.

  1. Concrete value for strip foundation calculation.
    Calculate concrete volume and load area for foundation. And also concretes cost.

  2. Armatures weight by its quantity calculation.

  3. Armatures quantity by its weight calculation.

  4. Brick quantity for brick walls calculation.
    Calculate amount of bricks for building different size walls, number of brick lanes upright and load for foundation. Estimate rough cost of materials!

  5. Block quantity for brick walls calculation.
    Calculate amount of gas-concrete, foam-concrete or onother block for building different size walls. Estimate rough cost of materials!

6.1 Wall blocks of prescribed size calculation.
Enter block prescribed block dementions and calculate there’s amount needed for a intended size wall with taking into account apertures of windos and doors

  1. Wall blocks parameters.
    General information about buildingblocks

  2. Insulant calculation for walls and foundation

  3. Lumber calculation.
    Calculate value and rough cost of different size lumber. Enquire amount of plank or beam in a volume

  4. Earthworks cost calculation

  5. Pavement calculation
  6. Dalle (tile) calculation
  7. Flooring calculation
  8. Deal boards for surface calculation
  9. Cylinder container (cask) volume
  10. Rectangular container volume
  11. Paint coverage rate for surface calculation
    If You intrested in paint amount required for fill walls, and also it raw cost, This calc would help Your!
  12. Rolled metal products – different size and shape rolled metal products calculation
  13. Converters – list of Converters for variety of value
  14. Calculator – just Calculator for more comfortable work with app

Use the rolled metal products calculations to enquire weight, volume and cost for targeted product

List ( variety of) calcs:
1. Shaped trunk
2. Trunk
3. Angle bar
4. Channel beam
5. Beam channel
6. Square-shaped bar
7. Ring-shaped/rod
8. Profile rolled steel

Use the convrtors to transform units of measurement!
1. Centigrade (°C) to Fahrenheit scale (°F)
2. Centimeter (cm) to inch
3. Metre (m) to foot (ft)
4. Metre (m) to yard (yd)
5. Kilogram (kg) to pound (lb)
6. Gram (g) to pound (lb)
7. Gram (g) to ounce (oz)
8. Joule (J) to Calories/Calories (Cal/kcal)
9. Joule (J) to kilowatt hour (kWh, kW·h, or kW h)
10. Litre (L) to gallon

Use the feedback form to send me Your comment and offers about improvements and new calculations – It’s your opportunity to promote the app :)

All computations are performed at SI-system

In the nearest time new calculations will be add to app.

O que há de novo:
1. Added two standards for rolled metal for beams: HLZ, J.
2. Added four standards of rolled metal for channel: UPE, UPN, U, PFC.

Mod Info:

  • Adfree features unlocked;
  • Permissões indesejadas desativadas/removidas + receptores + provedores + serviços;
  • Gráficos otimizados e zipados e recursos limpos para carregamento rápido;
  • Permissões de anúncios / serviços / provedores removidos do Android.manifest;
  • Links de anúncios removidos e métodos de invocação anulados;
  • Visibilidade dos layouts de anúncios desativada;
  • Verificação do pacote de instalação da Google Play Store desativada;
  • Código de depuração removido;
  • Menu promo cleaned;
  • Remova o nome padrão das tags .source dos arquivos java correspondentes;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase desativados;
  • Idiomas: Multilíngues completos;
  • CPUs: arquitetura universal;
  • DPIs de tela: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • A assinatura do pacote original foi alterada.

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Construction Calculator v2.0.1.2 [Mod] / Espelho

Versão mais antiga

Construction Calculator v2.0.1 [Mod] / Espelho

Construction Calculator v1.9.99.99 [Mod] / Espelho


Added quick calculation of concrete composition in all calculations of foundations and concrete rings.


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