WiFi Spoofer 5 Pro (root) v0.0.5 [Latest]

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For Rooted Devices Only
if you want to spoof your wifi mac Address for lots of reasons,this app is for you. it changes your wifi mac address to any macaddress listed in your LAN.
i was unable to connect to my friend’s wifi router for unknownreason so i decided to create my own app due to not finding in playstore what i need so,i spoofed my mac address and Walla itworked.
it will help lots of people in other situations.

* please,if you want to check out the app before you buy pleasecheck the free version. some Phones might not be supported but mostof them are.

Whats different in the paid version:
– No Ads.
– Generate Random mac address.
– Save The Latest Used mac address after relaunching the app.
– will be updated & supported in the future.

– Rooted Device – a must.
– Busybox. if you don’t know what it is, just install theapplication and after hitting (Search Network) Button it will checkif you have Busybox installed or not, if not it will give you alink to download it.

Tested on:
– Nexus 5
– Nexus 4

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WiFi Spoofer 5 Pro (root) v0.0.5 / Tautan Alternatif

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