Ronin: The Last Samurai MOD APK (Dumb Bot/High Damage)

An era of warfare in Japan, death and betrayal stalk the land. A lone survivor—a disgraced warrior—has failed to save his lord. With nowhere to go and nothing to lose, the samurai clenches his sword as he sets out for revenge.
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Info Mod:

  • freeze the enemies
  •  speed up skill recharge


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“Ronin: The Last Samurai” will introduce players to the difficult, dangerous, but also exciting and passionate samurai life. The content is unique and innovative compared to today’s games and shows the best efforts to improve the player’s experience. It also has many stories, mostly about the tragic, heroic and righteous fate of ancient warriors.

Immersive combat mechanism

The game adopts a new combat mechanism that combines slow and fast, bringing players a new action concept. Concentration and reflexes are particularly important; Let them fend off their opponent or avoid crushing them. In contrast, the healer’s power is more important than survival as it allows the player to choose the best attack and even kill the enemy neatly and gracefully.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Discover the situation of many characters

Players will now witness the fate of the old soldiers as well as the new administration. All players are free to choose their own path, which gives them the toughest challenge to regain their honor and glory. Additionally, Ronin’s story is non-linear, so players can jump from story to story to expand their adventure.

Gorgeous Hand Drawing and Visual Effects

The paintings and beautiful paintings are hand painted, but they move with ease and offer a whole new perspective. In addition, character animations and movements are clear, the hitbox is excellent, and even the execution is exciting, which enhances the gameplay. Although graphics have many limitations in terms of color, it helps make graphics more realistic and deep.

In-Depth Samurai Techniques Revealed

The battles and movements of each character in Ronin are created with great detail and excitement. They also introduced new technologies to diversify the gameplay and give players more options to enjoy everything. Combat is assigned to each soldier and through them players will know each person’s behavior or actions.

Intense competition online, real warrior

If players want to show themselves to the world, they need to go to the hub where other players gather to meet and train themselves. Therefore, every game is challenging, exciting and dangerous where the opponents are real players and have many skills. But the game automatically balances the gears, so skills and techniques are the key to victory and gaining all the glory in the arena.

Ronin: The Last Samurai

Unlock new characters and equipment

The rich gameplay and content of “Ronin” will bring more characters and powerful equipment for players to enjoy. In it, characters can level up and unlock new abilities, demonstrating the samurai’s superiority in the art of war. The equipment is also important, but the details are important and clear enough to reveal the fascinating samurai beauty of that period.

Ronin: The Last Samurai is perfect for players to better understand the fate, circumstances and battles of the Samurai. It uses innovative controls, best-in-class graphics and an exciting story to enhance everything. These elements are perfectly combined to create the perfect situation for players to immerse themselves in the terrible fate of the samurai.

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- Fixed Minor Bugs



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