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Prisma Mod APK is an image editing tool that turns your photos into works of art. With Prisma’s art effects, you can paint like Picasso, Munch, or even Salvador Dali.

Prisma Photo Editor is an application that allows you to easily edit your photos with an impressive number of filters. You can easily adjust the color elements of your photo to make it more unique. In addition, you will also find many filters to spend time experimenting with. In fact, there are some commonly used filters and we update new filters provided by the application. Prisma Photo Editor

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When users use Prisma Photo Editor, they will be impressed with what it can offer as there are many features that are easy to find and experience. Moreover, editing in the application is completely simple and can be mastered by anyone after a while. The first feature that users will find is the customization of photo elements that is often found in other applications with the same functionality.

You will find various factors such as exposure, contrast, brightness and saturation. Each element disturbs the side of the image, so adjusting the slider will change the color accordingly. So spend some time thinking about how to combine these factors to choose the most suitable colors for your image. Also, over time, you’ll get a certain metric for creating good colors in your image before making any filter adjustments.

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In addition to the application’s color correction features, Prisma Photo Editor offers a wide variety of color filters to choose from. The use of these two features depends on the user’s experience, most often by first choosing a filter and adjusting some of the color elements as needed. Additionally, filter selection can give users headaches due to the amount they can find in the application.

The number of these filters is so varied that it can be completely overwhelming, but the process of experience can be very interesting. Each filter has its own peculiarities when the user can change the experience by changing the corresponding filter. Nothing is more fun than watching your photos come to life. I also know that any filter that I think is appropriate is suitable for this application. From there, create some filters you like.


If you’re someone who edits images, Prisma Photo Editor makes sense as the number of filters it offers varies greatly and increases over time. In particular, we are gradually providing new filters that users can experience according to their preferences. More filters make the application’s filter library more diverse, giving you more options for creating images that suit your needs.

Applications provide a filter-like feature that splits filters into different collections based on their properties. This allows you to quickly select the right experience and filter type. Additionally, the number of favorite filters is not completely fixed if new filters have just been updated. So I will continue to save filters that I think are suitable for photo editing.


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  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar
  • Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor Tangkapan layar


Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor v4.5.1.601 [Premium] Arm64-v8a / Cermin

Versi Lama

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor v4.5.0.599 [Premium] / Cermin

Prisma Art Effect Photo Editor v4.4.8.595 [Premium] / Cermin

Apa Yang Baru

NEW IMPROVED PRISMA Our art-AI is getting smarter every day! This update includes some minor changes that will help make your experience with the app even smoother.

P.S. Hey, S22 Ultra owners, this version also fixes a bug with photos coming up blank on this device. Sorry about that!


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