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You keep the defense inside the house, which is stormed by a mob of zombies. You need to survive, build a time machine and save all the people!
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Pixel Combat may be a searing activity blockbuster with top-notch shooting. Players are overpowered with the makeover of incredible characters. Prevail all challenges and construct a puzzling time machine to bring back to the lovely world.

Dynamic assaults and forceful zombie creatures always show up in Pixel Combat. Without a doubt players will be overpowered with the top-notch gunplay in this city. The zombies are forceful and appear bizarre behavior when they assault the city difficult. And presently they will pay for what they did in this upbeat arrive. You’ll be the persuasive individual in this amusement; get up to uncover that detestation. Utilize each weapon to battle all of them.


Individuals within the city live calmly and make a extraordinary life for themselves. The breakdown of the time machine, on the other hand, brought the evil zombies back to the city in an startling way. The individuals were totally confused by the harm and advance that they seen. More absolutely, the city is in frantic require of a pioneer who is both capable and gutsy enough to require portion within the battle.

Pixel Combat Apk

They are components that duplicate over time, so we ought to mobilize powers to bargain with them. Those living phantoms have as it were one way to form them kick the bucket:
to utilize weapons to assault. They are ruthless, and they resist all contemptible implies to assault us to the conclusion. But we have prepared all the weapons, bolster hardware, and effective strengths to be able to take an interest within the fight in Pixel Combat.


We presently have to be mobilize all the powers, all the individuals within the city, to battle with you. The amusement will give each individual with a advanced weapon able of persistent assault so that individuals can withstand that solid wave. Collaboration is one of the extraordinary rules that make history in Pixel Combat. The ability to utilize weapons of the individuals, you would like to direct eagerly to form the quality of the armed force.

Pixel Combat Pro

Check all the back roads within the city to urge the total arrange. The amusement gives you with energizing maps competent of precisely finding fiendish zombies. The green streaks will speak to our armed force, and the ruddy streaks will speak to the zombies. If you don’t mind adhere to the outline and take after the tracks, going into each house to shoot them. Utilize additional affectability to spot zombies close you.


Players have to be get ready a reloading position prepared to battle all the zombies. More particularly, they must be able to point and shoot at all ranges to make a detached position for them. Drive them to the same divider and perform capable gunfights. The bloody shooting stages that will take put in Pixel Combat make you overpowered together with your ability. How numerous objects can you shoot? There will be a following and checking amusement.

Pixel Combat Mod

Must battle energetically and combine with looking for encompassing treasures to reestablish the Pixel Combat’s time machine rapidly. Perform extraordinary journeys to urge the special widespread key. Shoot to passing those who proposed to stand in your way and constrain them to track down for you. Particularly when the time machine is reestablished, you may securely return to a upbeat life.

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There are no new features in this update — all efforts have been devoted to bug fixes and technical improvements.



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