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As a versatile Chinese dictionary app, Hanzii is proud to be your companion and support you on your journey to conquer Mandarin Chinese.
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Learning a new language takes dedication and the right tools. If you’re fascinated by the beauty and complexity of Chinese, the Hanzii app is designed to become your indispensable companion on this journey. Let’s dive into the features that make Hanzii a powerful tool for conquering Chinese fluency.

Smooth Transitions and Accelerated Learning

Hanzii understands that most learners don’t begin their Chinese journey from a blank slate. It provides exceptional dual-language support, allowing you to bridge your understanding from your native language (or another language you are familiar with) to Chinese. This accelerates the learning process, helping you establish connections between familiar concepts and the new structures of Chinese.

Comprehensive Dictionary

At the heart of Hanzii lies a remarkably comprehensive dictionary. Look up any Chinese word or character and receive clear definitions, usage examples, and even stroke-by-stroke guidance on how to correctly write each character. This empowers you to not only understand the meaning but also the intricate visual form of Chinese writing. You’ll learn to recognize and reproduce those beautiful, complex symbols with confidence.

HSK & TOCFL Simulation Tests

For those aiming to prove their Chinese proficiency with official certifications, Hanzii offers a wealth of practice. Engage in numerous mock tests that accurately simulate the HSK and TOCFL exams. Timed tests put your skills under the same pressure you’ll encounter on the big day, while detailed answer explanations turn every mistake into a learning opportunity. The app tracks your performance, highlighting areas where you shine and those that may need extra attention.

Learn and Grow Together

Learning a language is often as much a social endeavor as an intellectual one. Hanzii fosters a vibrant online community where fellow Chinese learners gather. Share your experiences, ask questions, receive guidance, and form study groups with peers who share your passion. The sense of camaraderie and knowledge exchange will keep you motivated and provide a space to practice your developing skills in real conversations.

Why Choose Hanzii?

  • Speed: The thoughtfully designed features work together to streamline your learning, optimizing your time and effort for faster progress.
  • Accuracy: From the dictionary’s precision to the stroke order guides, Hanzii emphasizes the importance of getting the details right.
  • Motivation: The test simulations and community interactions provide a steady stream of challenges and support, keeping your learning journey engaging.

Whether you desire Chinese fluency for travel, business, cultural exploration, or simply the pleasure of intellectual expansion, Hanzii positions itself as a multi-faceted solution. Embark on your Chinese language adventure with this smart and supportive app as your guide!

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- Fixed some minor bugs.



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