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  • Premium Lifetime Subscription / Paid features unlocked;
  • Menonaktifkan / Menghapus Izin yang tidak diinginkan + Penerima + Penyedia + Layanan;
  • Grafis yang dioptimalkan dan disejajarkan serta sumber daya yang dibersihkan untuk pemuatan yang cepat;
  • Izin Iklan / Layanan / Penyedia dihapus dari Android.manifest;
  • Tautan iklan dihapus dan metode pemanggilan dibatalkan;
  • Visibilitas tata letak iklan dinonaktifkan;
  • Lokasi Google Maps berfungsi;
  • Pemeriksaan paket pemasangan Google Play Store dinonaktifkan;
  • Kode debug dihapus;
  • Hapus nama tag .source default dari file java yang sesuai;
  • Analisis / Crashlytics / Firebase dinonaktifkan;
  • SDK yang dibundel dengan iklan Facebook telah dihapus sepenuhnya;
  • Tidak ada pelacak aktif atau iklan;
  • Startup login page disabled;
  • Bahasa: Multi Bahasa Lengkap;
  • CPU: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64;
  • DPI layar: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • Tanda tangan paket asli berubah;
  • Dirilis oleh Balatan.


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If you want to have a healthy and great body, you have to exercise every day. Running & Walking GPS FITAPP allows users to get fit through running. The application acts as a powerful coach that supports you in every situation and gives you the most appropriate recommendations. The system perfectly records and evaluates the entire running process and suggests the most effective running techniques.

Record your entire run

Users regularly participate in jogging to improve their health. The application system keeps a complete and accurate record of user-performed processes. The system stores the speed and the distance covered in kilometers traveled. This will tell you how many miles you’ve run and how fast you should improve. It also increases motivation to continue that running journey. Running & Walking GPS FITAPP also records the date, time and distance walked. Users rely on this to attempt jogging more regularly. Analyze current processes and develop appropriate execution methods

Running & Walking GPS FITAPP allows users to track the entire running process through the application. You can record data and use it to develop more effective training methods. All parameters are clearly listed and analyzed in simple, easy-to-understand diagrams. Users can quickly grasp and understand what the application wants to convey. Through this, many effective training methods are learned and users trust them to work. As a result, your running process will be more effective, your body will be toned, and you will be able to run longer without getting discouraged.

Helps maintain a healthier body

This application not only keeps you running, but also helps you track your weight and calories burned in your body. Users can get a more and more healthy and toned body while jogging. They are monitored closely and meticulously by their dietary system and changes in weight and height. In addition, regular and regular running contributes to a healthy body and helps you lose weight effectively while maintaining your physical health. The calorie content of food is also accurately analyzed by the application system to provide smarter and more effective meals.

Supporting all language requirements is very convenient and easy

Users can use their voice to make appropriate requests. The application system recognizes by language and search and satisfactorily answers the question. With a simple operation, you can check your calorie consumption, distance traveled, and current speed. This helps users save time by minimizing the hassle and hassle of having to search on their own. The application system supports you in all your activities to give you the most effective exercise and sports time.

Track all activities via GPS

Thanks to GPS, the application can track your entire run, calories burned, or health log. Users also get accurate information about the places they passed. At the same time, the application also offers free exercises to improve your health. RUNNING & WALKING GPS FITAPP allows you to take photos of your route and share these photos with your loved ones.

Tangkapan layar

  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar
  • FITAPP: Run Distance Tracker Tangkapan layar


FITAPP Premium v8.0.2 MOD APK / Cermin

FITAPP Premium v7.21.1 MOD APK / Cermin

FITAPP Premium v7.18.1 MOD APK / Cermin

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