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Balance performs the tasks of the emotion-forming machine. Users are presented with a simple interface that clearly displays information about features that are easy to navigate and useful.
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  • Subscription / Paid features unlocked;
  • Menonaktifkan / Menghapus Izin yang tidak diinginkan + Penerima + Penyedia + Layanan;
  • Grafis yang dioptimalkan dan disejajarkan serta sumber daya yang dibersihkan untuk pemuatan yang cepat;
  • Tautan iklan dihapus dan metode pemanggilan dibatalkan;
  • Pemeriksaan paket pemasangan Google Play Store dinonaktifkan;
  • Kode debug dihapus;
  • Hapus nama tag .source default dari file java yang sesuai;
  • Analisis / Crashlytics / Firebase dinonaktifkan;
  • Crashlytics asli dihapus sepenuhnya;
  • Mode yang kompatibel dengan AOSP;
  • Bahasa: Multi Bahasa Lengkap;
  • CPUs: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86, x86_64e;
  • DPI layar: 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi;
  • Tanda tangan paket asli berubah;
  • Dirilis oleh Balatan.


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Balance performs the tasks of the emotion-forming machine. Users are presented with a simple interface that clearly displays information about features that are easy to navigate and useful. First, you need to provide a complete schedule for the day so that you can easily create your training plan. A wide range of soothing sounds and high-quality transmitters create a quiet space where you can easily perform the most basic steps of meditation.

Improved audio reception with update

The ability to think and control emotions has always been a problem for many users. This is why Balance releases new content quickly that influences how you think. New songs added to the playlist are arranged into highly creative singles. Users simply activate it to start tracking their training days. All songs on the disc are used as his background music for brain teasers. Based on these criteria, we use new voices that are softer and more inspiring. plan according to your schedule

After installing Balance, users receive a list of time slots for the day. It would be helpful if you could tell us the schedule of activities for the day so that future plans will be satisfactory. A 10-day continuous meditation training and basic exercise plan with video tutorials allows users to memorize and access new information quickly. Moreover, based on your preferences, you can choose music that suits your mood.

Attract users to participate in experiential activities

We currently have a large number of users, so in addition to a calm and relaxing method in a quiet space, we will also deliver a unique experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Badges earned by attending meditation training classes help motivate thinking skills. Additionally, breathing exercises are also a great option to help keep track of your workout progress. New content is always a topic of interest to many people, and exercises will soon be available to help you calmly express your emotions.

Exciting Content Experience

Aimed at users with emotional issues, Balance offers an exciting option to easily identify the cause of your grief.In this quiet time, we have the opportunity to know how you feel. Users also identify problems themselves and find concrete solutions. When you can’t sleep well at night and you can’t work, something is weighing on your psyche. Use meditation and sound to deal with them.

Improve Sleep and Emotions with Meditation Skills

Balance is an effective way to improve sleep. Additionally, the application makes it easier for users to control their emotions and build a happier mood. The free trial period lasts for one year to help users familiarize themselves with new skills and try them out quickly. The system always brings you a quiet space and the best experience. We give you every chance to relax your mind. It shows up in the simplest exercises. Meditation is good for health and emotions. By downloading and launching the app, you can improve immediately.

Apa Yang Baru

Kami telah memperbaiki berbagai bug di seluruh aplikasi.

For more product updates, mental wellness tips, and more, follow us on Instagram @balance, Facebook and X @balanceapp, and TikTok @balancemeditation.


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