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Have you ever wanted to keep your device's screen on longer than normal? Want to make your screen go to max brightness when you are using navigation or viewing your vacation photos? With Wakey, you can keep your screen on as long as you like.
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Mod Info :

  • Fonctionnalités Premium / payantes débloquées ;
  • Désactivé / Supprimé Permissions indésirables + Récepteurs + Fournisseurs + Services ;
  • Graphiques optimisés et alignés par zip et ressources nettoyées pour un chargement rapide ;
  • Ads Permissions / Services / Providers supprimé de AndroidManifest ;
  • Liens publicitaires supprimés et méthodes d'invocation annulées ;
  • La visibilité des annonces est désactivée ;
  • Vérification du paquet d'installation du Google Play Store désactivée ;
  • Code de débogage supprimé ;
  • Supprime le nom par défaut des balises .source des fichiers java correspondants ;
  • Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase désactivés ;
  • Langues : Multi langues complet ;
  • Mode compatible AOSP ;
  • CPU : architecture universelle ;
  • DPI de l'écran : 120dpi, 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi, 640dpi ;
  • La signature de l'emballage d'origine a été modifiée ;
  • Publication par Balatan.


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Ever wanted to keep your device’s screen on longer than usual? Set your screen to maximum brightness while using navigation or looking at vacation photos? Playing the latest gaming craze you want to turn on? Wakey can help!

Wakey keeps your screen on and lets you choose how you do it. The screen can be very bright, very dark, or even completely dark, but the phone is up and running. You can also set Wakey to wake automatically when a specific app (or game) is on the screen or when your device is charging. Wakey is battery friendly and wakes up your screen only when you need it.

You can always manually turn it on using the big light bulb in the app and tap it again or turn it off using the notification. There are also widgets that can be used to enable and disable. The premium in-app upgrade adds automation features, but doesn’t enhance the core “keep screen on” functionality. If you’re having issues with the screen not turning on, an upgrade won’t fix it. But I just click. Go to the app’s menu and click Help. We will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Display mode

You can set the wakekey to keep the screen at normal brightness, brighten to maximum, or dim to any level until completely dark. Even in the event of a complete power failure, your device will stay awake, allowing apps that need to do background work to continue running uninterrupted, minimizing battery drain.

Dimming continues even at idle

By setting blackout mode, your phone can be partially dimmed while you are in operation, but dimmed at other times. This will save you more battery, but make sure your display stays bright enough to be visible when you need it.

Pocket mode

When you put your device in your pocket or close the cover, your device will be completely dark and the soft navigation keys will be disabled. Continue background processing while saving even more battery!


Automatically keep your screen active when certain apps are running. Simply select which apps you want to keep your screen awake, and Wakey will instantly activate when any of those apps are running. When you stop using the app, Wakey will automatically turn off.

Charge wake

Automatically keeps the screen awake while charging. As long as ChargeWake is enabled, Wakey will wake up immediately when you connect your device. When you disconnect your device, Wakey disables itself.

Captures d'écran

  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran
  • Wakey: Keep Screen On Capture d'écran


Improvements to keep services running smoothly, especially after a reboot.
Bug fixes and other improvements.


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