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U-Dictionary becomes a learning and translation tool with many attractive features that are constantly being expanded. This is a convenient, but completely free application for learning foreign languages, which opens up the opportunity to introduce users to foreign languages. It can be used not only to translate text, images and dialogue, but also to correct incorrect grammar. Welcome to the world’s leading language learning world with Collins Advanced Dictionaries, Online Word Dictionary and more.

List of Synonyms and Antonyms

Here are some words you don’t know, but we have more knowledge and vocabulary at our disposal. The list of synonyms and antonyms is specially designed to help you familiarize yourself with different vocabularies with more new words.At the same time, excellent support in tests presented in the form of finding antonyms and synonyms provide.

Vocabulary Specifies the conditions for using the vocabulary

And that’s not all. U-Dictionary is not just a traditional dictionary, it is upgraded to a more professional level for users to easily absorb knowledge. Once you have learned the vocabulary and its meanings on your own, the next time you cannot apply it to a specific case, it is easy to make mistakes. Therefore, under the original meaning of the word, we give an example that is easy to understand and descriptive.

Entering Hot Entertaining Game

When you come to U-Dictionary, you’re not just exposed to empty words, you’re offered a whole sky of entertainment. While freely playing word games and puzzles, learning and playing stimulate the brain’s memory over and over again. Moreover, in addition to learning vocabulary, it helps you learn more about life and social knowledge. The videos cover many areas and are full of stimulating content to help you practice your pronunciation and rhythm by speaking more accurately.

Supporting Accurate and Fast Translation

Not only learning foreign languages, but also helping users to do accurate, fast and effective translation work. There are currently three exciting translation formats. First, you can conveniently use text translation. Just enter your text and hit the search button and the application will give you the results instantly. Alternatively, you can use the camera or gallery to provide images for app translation. Finally, if you turn on the microphone and speak directly into the device, the speech translation method will correctly recognize and process it.

Correct Grammar Errors

Learning new vocabulary is not enough. You need to learn more grammar. We support you with various levels of grammar collections, from beginner to advanced. Choose and learn every day to gain complete knowledge that you can easily apply to your future work. At the same time, we have added a grammar correction feature that is very useful while writing essays and essays.

Lock Screen Vocabulary Utilities

Learning a foreign language is a daily learning activity that can be mastered in no time, so U-Dictionary provides lock screen functionality for all users. Especially if you are given difficult word choices or need to remember, want to learn, pin them and see them every day. And every time you touch your mobile device, it appears, catches your eye, and gradually becomes ingrained in your memory. You can change the number of characters displayed on the lock screen at any time.

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  • U Dictionary Translator Capture d'écran
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  • U Dictionary Translator Capture d'écran


The new version is your wonderful learning partner now. 1. Brand New Design: Tidier and fresher. 2. Speak: New learning section to quickly master a new language following the audio and practice!



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