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Standoff 2 is a dynamic first-person shooter that honors its prequel's legacy. Join 200 million other players from across the world - grab your favorite gun and join the standoff!
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Speed Hack
Air Jump
Money Hack
No Recoil
Drop Knife
Fast Defuse
Fast Plant
Game Menu:
Kill All
Mass Kill
Skin Changer Menu:
Karambit Gold
Karambit Klaw
Karambit Sketch
Karambit Frozen
Tanto Knife
Tanto Dojo
Tanto Yakuza
Tanto Malachite
Tanto Pearl Abyss
Tanto Flow
Butterfly Legaci
Butterfly Starffal
Butterfly Black
Butterfly Storm
Visuals Menu:
Wire Frame
Chat Menu:
Spam Chat


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Standoff 2 delivers an adrenaline-fueled take on the FPS action shooter genre, infused with esports elements that promise unrivaled excitement on every battlefield. The game’s standout feature is its competitive core, which significantly alters the experience and pacing of every match, ensuring an electrifying atmosphere.

Intense Competitive Gameplay

The game emphasizes the competitive spirit that players will feel in every match, with diverse team sizes ranging from 5vs5 to 10vs10 or more, offering a rich tapestry of experiences. However, the game presents a serious challenge, as the action is nearly realistic and fast-paced, with an innovative control scheme designed to cater to a wide range of players. Additionally, the career system and quest progression play a pivotal role, guiding players to complete matches or reach specific score thresholds for each challenge. Each season brings a series of new missions and rewards, accompanied by impressive content updates that diversify the gameplay and provide players with an ever-evolving source of entertainment. Above all, Standoff 2 underscores the importance of teamwork, a crucial element for achieving glorious victories in every clash.

Authentic Graphics and Immersive Visual Effects

Graphics quality is a standout advantage of the game, coupled with seamless optimization that delivers a smooth experience, whether navigating environments or engaging in high-stakes combat. Visual effects, such as explosions, weapon appearances, character models, and environmental details, are vividly rendered and brimming with life, allowing players to become fully immersed in the action. Graphic elements are continuously improved over time, ensuring that players are treated to new discoveries and experiences within the high-quality 3D world.

Innovative Claw-Control Mechanics

The game’s control scheme is renowned for its fluidity, enabling players to perform multiple actions seamlessly and eliminate targets with precision. The claw control style, in particular, offers an FPS gameplay experience on mobile devices that is vastly superior to many other titles. Players can customize their control layout and even connect a console controller for an innovative and refreshing experience beyond traditional touchpad controls.

Diverse and Intriguing Game Modes

The variety of game modes is a dramatic improvement to the signature gameplay, introducing significant changes and enriching the player’s emotional connection to the action. Each mode alters the game’s tempo while expanding players’ creativity in resource utilization and introducing unique gameplay elements. New modes are introduced through updates, but they are often available for a limited time, ensuring that players’ emotions remain at a perpetual high and the experience never grows stale.

Expansive Skin Collection and Unlockables

Skins, a concept widely employed in many games, allow players to personalize their characters or weapons, altering their overall experience in numerous ways. Standoff 2 boasts an extensive library of skins, but acquiring them is a challenging endeavor, requiring players to engage in trading or earn them through matches. The value of skins can also be exchanged for currency, facilitating transactions or trade-ins for more expensive skins available in stores or other marketplaces.

Battle Passes and Rewarding Progression

Battle passes are a popular trend in gaming, offering a rich reward system and accompanying quests for players to engage with. The content of these Battle Passes evolves according to world events and is divided into several levels, allowing players to progress at their own pace. Upgrading to the premium Battle Pass unlocks even more valuable rewards and new missions, accelerating the completion rate compared to the standard experience.

Intense Competitiveness in Ranked Matches

Ranked matches represent the pinnacle of the Standoff 2 experience, serving as a gathering place for professionals and offering substantial rewards for players to showcase their skills to the world. These matches often span more than 20 rounds in a 5vs5 format, intensifying the action and fostering an electrifying atmosphere. Notably, the game facilitates seamless communication between teammates through radio, voice, and chat features, increasing the odds of victory and ensuring the execution of coordinated strategies. Based on their rank, players can earn increasingly valuable rewards and have the opportunity to compete against other skilled professionals.

Strategic Resource Management

Unlike games that provide preset weaponry, Standoff 2 requires players to utilize the bonuses earned from each round to purchase their equipment. This design choice amplifies the importance of tactical decision-making, as teammates can share resources to increase their chances of victory. However, mismanaging one’s economy can lead to a series of losses against opponents, reversing the situation and placing immense pressure on rankings or point totals.

Collaborative Chaos with Friends

Playing with friends is a highly sought-after experience, as no one can predict the chaotic scenarios that may unfold during matches or special moments. The play-with-friends feature in Standoff 2 is easily customizable, allowing players to make new connections directly during matches and join squads for subsequent battles. Additionally, the game features chat and communication tools, facilitating the exchange of vital information and enabling players to invite friends seamlessly.



Season 6, Sunstrike, is kicking off! What's new:
- Dune map for Defuse mode;
- Duel mode. Fight face to face with your enemy on one of 3 new maps;
- New Fang knife, Battle Pass, desert-themed collection, and Flow graffiti pack;
- Position markers for better communication;
- Improved grenades;
- Multiple skins can be applied to a weapon;
- Bug fixes.



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