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Introducing the best silent camera!
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We introduce you to our new quiet camera. Users may freely shoot images without generating any noise, and many fascinating things await everyone.

Users are feeling uncomfortable approximately the sound emitted while we shoot, right? Then Silent Camera is an ideal choice; customers can relaxation confident to take pics at any time with out making any noise. This is a brand new images software that customers can use to take sharp photos. A collection of beneficial functions that include continually make a sturdy influence on customers. Let the software triumph over the final exciting matters for you.

No sound out

Users are unlikely to encounter noise-free photographic devices. Silent cameras, however, meet the user’s need to make no noise when taking pictures, avoiding the eyes of people around them, and allowing them to take the pictures they want.

First school quota

The application has an exciting snapshot feature that is updated and more groundbreaking. Hold for a few seconds. Choose from dozens of photos. The ability to take snapshots brings exciting moments and saves many impressive photos, from which users can create unique, strange and interesting photos.

Unique timer mode

Users ask for a self-timer in every app, and of course our app can do that too. In addition to the time limits already set in Silent Camera, users can customize any milestones. The possibility of an automatic timer function is a practical advantage for us users.

Use accessory effects

In addition to the cappotential to take snapshots, we are able to use numerous outcomes that include the capturing process. The outcomes are divided with the aid of using subject matter for customers to pick and use. More specifically, the choice of outcomes can be trustworthy and may meet all of the enhancing wishes of the user.

Great photo quality

Image quality is excellent and sharpness is guaranteed. The application has intelligent filters that help ensure the quality of your photos. More specifically, the ability to highlight the main color also puts emphasis on the application. Silent Camera has always taken the lead in promoting its ability to guarantee images that meet the needs of all users.

Use modern angle

Users can rent present day taking pictures angles on this software to seize all the functions of a location. More particular, customers can arbitrarily make bigger the taking pictures area with the aid of using deciding on a modern taking pictures style. Users also can use the auto-attitude function of the software to make sensible and colourful photos.

Use net shot

In addition, customers can use the grid shape to take pictures. This shape will convey all of the angles of the picture to life. Moreover, the grid mode will even create alluring scenes and get the whole sharp attitude for the photo.

  • The application has the main feature that it can take pictures without making any noise.
  • Users can choose attractive timer styles, and each time frame will be set according to individual opinions.
  • Discover efficient snapshot capabilities that can capture several dozen images in a short period of time.
  • A series of layouts for taking photos will be included in the application, and users can use them according to their purposes.
  • The application will have a modern shooting angle alignment feature for users to use as desired.
  • Users can use a variety of accompanying effects to make the colors of the photo more realistic.
  • Using more eye-catching bottom-shaped shooting styles will help users get every unique angle for their photos.

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  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran
  • Silent Camera [High Quality] Capture d'écran


Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.11.3 APK [Premium] / Miroir

Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.11.1 APK [Premium] / Miroir

Silent Camera [High Quality] v8.10.7 APK [Premium] / Miroir


■ Photo quality improvements

■ Performance improvements

■ Minor bug fixes

Android 14
The app's system is now updated for Android 14. It's improves app stability, performance, and security on all devices, including Android 13 and below.



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