Oxford Advanced Learner's 8 v3.6.22 [Dernière]

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Improve your English language skills with the Oxford AdvancedLearner’s Dictionary. Understand what words mean. Learn how to saythem. Know how to use them.

The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (OALD) is a worldbest-seller. It is now available as an app, with the full A-Zdictionary, real voice (not text to speech) audio, and My View tocustomize your screen. It has been developed by the same editorsfrom Oxford University Press who created the printed dictionary,working together with Paragon Software, a leading softwaredeveloper for mobile devices.

Find exactly what you are looking for, fast:

• Listen to real British and American voices pronounce words andexample sentences.
• Access the high quality audio online, or download all headwordaudio plus 116,000 example sentences to listen offline
• All the dictionary text is live- tap to instantly look up anyword
• Use My View to choose how much information appears on your screen– hide IPA, example sentences, pictures, synonyms etc. – tap toshow the full entry again
• Find words with similar or opposite meanings in the integratedThesaurus
• Use Full Dictionary Search to find your word in any phrase orexample sentence in the dictionary
• ‘Did you mean…?’ function and wildcard search allow you to find aword even if you don’t know the spelling
• Create your own lists of favourite words, and create folders tostore them in
• Tap on phonetics, abbreviations and symbols for help with whatthey mean
• View History to see the last 100 words you looked up

Learn more with a dictionary that’s written for learners ofEnglish

• 184,500 words, phrases and meanings explained clearly
• Easy-to-understand explanations written using the 3000-worddefining vocabulary
• Use the Oxford 3000 keyword entries to learn the most importantwords in English
• Look up over 57,000 synonyms and opposites
• Learn words in their natural context with over 83,000collocations (words that go together) highlighted
• Find the Academic Word List words easily – they are alllabelled
• Notes give extra help in difficult areas, for example thedifferences between similar words, tricky points of grammar, orBritish and American usage
• Find information about British and American culture
• 1000 new words and meanings keep you up-to-date with today’svocabulary and usage
• 1300 words illustrated in groups build your topic vocabulary. Youcan enlarge and explore the illustrations.
• Access over 95,000 extra example sentences
• Study all verb forms, and word origins

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