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DoFoto is a free all-in-one photo editing app that helps you create stunning photos with unlimited creativity!
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DoFoto positions itself as your one-stop shop for transforming ordinary photos into extraordinary masterpieces. Whether you’re looking for quick enhancements or full-fledged artistic transformations, DoFoto has the tools to make your images shine.

AI-Powered Creativity

  • Photo Restoration: Bring blurry, old photos back to life with DoFoto’s AI Enhance tool. It intelligently sharpens details and improves quality, revealing long-lost clarity.
  • Effortless Background Edits: Change the scenery with AI Cutout. This smart feature cleanly extracts your subject, letting you drop them into entirely new backgrounds.
  • Become an Animated Character: Explore your creative side with AI Cartoon! Turn your selfies into unique avatars across various art styles. Choose from classic cartoons, anime-inspired looks, and more.

Unleash Your Inner Photographer

  • The Dazz Cam Experience: Elevate your selfie game with the Dazz Cam’s real-time filters and special effects. From vintage vibes to modern glitz (think Bling, Stardust, VHS), there’s an aesthetic to match your mood.
  • Filter Finesse: Craft the perfect look with a vast array of exclusive photo filters. Whether you desire a dreamy indie aesthetic or a bold retro feel, DoFoto’s filters will infuse your photos with personality.
  • Photo Effect Wonderland: Push your artistic boundaries with AI-powered photo effects like Light Leak, Glow, and Double Exposure. These powerful tools add drama, depth, and an extra element of magic to your shots.

Precision Adjustments for Pro-Level Control

Go beyond the basics and refine your images with tools usually found in professional software:

  • Brightness, Contrast, and More Take charge of how your image looks. Experiment with basic adjustments for a polished feel, or fine-tune until you achieve your desired vision.
  • Vignette Tool: Draw focus to your subject or create a moody atmosphere by darkening or brightening the corners of your image with the easy-to-use vignette tool.
  • HSL & Curves: Unlock the full color potential with HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) and Curves. These advanced controls give you unparalleled freedom to shape the color palette of your photos.

Beyond the Image

  • Backgrounds, Borders, Crop & Rotate: Finalize your work! Replace plain backgrounds, add stylish borders, crop images for the perfect social media fit, and rotate for the best angle.
  • Text and Stickers: Add your own captions and personalize your photos with a huge selection of fun fonts, unique stickers, and emojis.

DoFoto – Your Best Editing Companion

DoFoto is designed for everyone—from casual photographers to seasoned editing enthusiasts. Its intuitive interface and powerful suite of features offer a balance perfect for both ease of use and artistic control. Best of all, DoFoto is continually evolving, meaning you’ll always have new filters and cutting-edge AI tools to express your creativity.


* [Frame]: Decorate your couple photos with elegant Valentine's Day frames.
* [Effect]: New effects, including plastic, canvas, lightning, and fireworks, have been added!
* [Background]: Discover an expanded selection of gradient colors and patterns.
* Corrections de bugs et autres améliorations

Enjoy using DoFoto and let us know your thoughts♥️ Our email: [email protected]


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