AMC Security Pro 5.9.11 MOD [Latest]

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AMC Security (a.k.a Advanced Mobile Care) is the #1 All-in-one mobile security and booster app for Android phone and tablet. Trusted by over 10,000,000 users, AMC Security helps optimize and boost Ram, clean junk files, clear caches to free up phone storage, boost your devices’ performance to top. AMC Security also offers real-time protection against malware, phishing website, guards your mobile privacy and payment security.

#1 All-in-one Android clean and boost app
Trusted by over 10,000,000 users
Supporting 38 languages

All-in-one Features of AMC Security:
✔Clean and optimize in one tap
✔Phone & Game Booster
✔Power Booster
✔Battery Saver
✔Security Guard
✔Payment Security
✔Web Security
✔Privacy Locker
✔Call/SMS Blocker
✔App Manager
✔Clean and user-friendly UI

App Features:

Scan and Clean
AMC Security offers two type of scan to optimize and free up more storage for your phone. One-tap smart scan helps clean all cache junks, privacy records, residual files, useless APK files and kills running apps. Deep Scan clears extra big files, downloaded files and thumbnail files, boosting your devices’ performance to top.

Phone Booster
Help kill applications that are running in the background and clean up your RAM (memory) to boost up your device with one tap.

Game Booster
Improve your gaming speed and experience and smooth game play without lagging.

Power Booster
Boost auto-restarted apps to free up more memory.

Battery Saver
Initial Mode &Ultimate Mode, Day &Night Mode help save more phone battery.

IObit Cloud Services provides a plug-in which update in real time so that whenever you access a site that detected as phishing, it will help you keep the tricks outside.

Help lock and alarm your lost device immediately by sending a message with ‘alarm#’ and password from any other device. You still can locate and wipe data remotely if the above way failed to find your device.

Payment Guard
Help finds out copycat apps, so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Once you launch a payment app, it keeps protecting you all along in the background.

Web Security
Block websites that contain malware, malicious URL and fraudulent content, and warn you instantly by IObit Cloud Services when heading to the danger.

Security Guard
Remind you to enable Wi-Fi Security which can check Wi-Fi’s encryption way, ARP spoofing, and even MITM. Also it reviews other important device settings and gives insecure advice.

Call/SMS Blocker
Block harassing or unwanted calls and spam messages.

Privacy Locker
Guard your privacy and protect your data from prying eyes.

App Manager
Manage all apps and APK files to free up more storage.

Note: One AMC Security Pro account can be used on multiple devices at the same time since you update to version 5.0.

★★★ MOD ★★★★★
Languages: en, ru
Plateformes : arm7 +, x86 +
Manifeste d'application optimisé
Work of analytics services is blocked, thoroughly
Unlocked LIFETIME PRO: full access to application features
La modification est déliée de Google Services
Signature modifiée

Captures d'écran

  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran
  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran
  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran
  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran
  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran
  • AMC Security-Boost & Antivirus Capture d'écran


AMC Security Pro 5.9.11 MOD / Miroir

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  1. Wajahat Najam dés:

    Successfully Installed and Registered it. It works Amazing … thank you

  2. Yasin dés:

    Thank you

  3. Akash Rathod dés:

    Code Worked perfectly. Thanks..

  4. Daksh dés:

    Awesome work guys. Please if possible crack it forever……Cheers..

  5. Noel dés:

    Gracias !!

  6. shiraz dés:

    Sir where is amc activation code i m using amc but not activate

  7. pablo dés:

    The last active time is: 2017/3/31 ????? its only /3/23 and code no longer works wtf ? waste of time

  8. Fliex dés:


  9. kader dés:

    Code Worked perfectly. Thanks..

  10. Joey dés:

    Still works

  11. Doni dés:

    login not work

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