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This application persistently keeps GPS enabled even when the screen turns off. That way you will not lose gps fix when your phone goes to sleep.

Advantages from Lite version:
♦  No advertisements
♦  Notification displays satellite status and current location data
♦  Smaller size
♦  Widget, so you can start/stop the application from main screen
♦  App shutdown from notification bar(Android 4.2 and newer)
♦  Auto shutdown if screen is off for specified number of minutes
♦  Auto shutdown if battery gets below set percentage
♦  It can auto start on boot
♦  Less permissions needed

This application is very useful when you are using any application that uses GPS, such as Google Maps, Geocaching, …

For some phones, the app even makes the GPS refresh faster so you are getting better location informations and better accuracy. Please keep in mind that this happens only on some phones!

Application requires some permissions. Let me explain why:
♦  Fine GPS location: Well, you want it to access GPS, right? 🙂
♦  Boot status: To be able to start at boot if set so in settings
♦  Modify system settings: To get background image of the phone. I do understand that this is not logical and I agree, but the app crashes without this permission on some phones 🙁

Of course, when you are using this app, GPS is constantly on so the battery might get depleted faster.

This application might not work with all the phones, as some of the manufacturers modify the Android in a way that disables the application to function properly. That kind of behaviour has been noticed on, but not limited to, some Alcatel phones.
Please test the Lite version of this app first, to see if it works.

In case of bugs:
Every application sooner or later has a bug. If you find one, please inform me so I can solve the issue. You can also contact me if you have suggestion for improving the app. I will gladly listen to your suggestions!

If you want to post negative comments or if you are not happy with your purchase, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST on [email protected] so we can solve the issue(or add a feature). I can not respond to comments so I can not help with issues there.

If you want to help me by translating the app to other language, please contact me!

Please keep in mind that application is provided “AS-IS”. It should not be relied on to and I shall not be responsible for any problem/expense/life threatening situation it could cause.

Special Thanks to:
Roli Schiller for translating the app to Hungarian
Miguel Alonso for translating the app to Spanish


  • Fixed crash on start that happened on some devices

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  • GPS Keeper Pro Captura de pantalla
  • GPS Keeper Pro Captura de pantalla
  • GPS Keeper Pro Captura de pantalla
  • GPS Keeper Pro Captura de pantalla
  • GPS Keeper Pro Captura de pantalla

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