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Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, brings the hit PC game enjoyed by over 6 million players to Android.
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Are you looking for an entertaining adventure game with lands that challenge you with difficult missions? One of the most popular survival RPGs is Don’t Starve:
Pocket edition. Adventure with your protagonist to face difficult challenges in a world full of strange creatures. Are you ready to get lost on an alien planet and use your survival skills to survive here.


Don’t starve: Pocket Edition is an adventure and survival game. The game is a mobile version of the game produced by game studio Klei Entertainment Inc. If you are passionate about role-playing and action games, this developer is no stranger to games that have proven their quality to players around the world. . world. In the first PC version released, this game created a storm in the hearts of many players. And until now, the game still has many fans who stick with it every day because of the great things it brings them. That’s something special in today’s harsh gaming world.


The game takes players into the story of the main character named Wilson, a scientist who spends all his time working on his inventions. However, even though my efforts and skills are not that bad, these inventions always fail when something is missing. He had to witness his failures in experiments.

Then one day, he suddenly heard a strange voice coming from his own radio and invited him to create a great invention, a machine with unprecedented power in history. And most surprisingly, when he turned on the switch, he was swept into a world, a mysterious land with bloodthirsty creatures hiding everywhere. From there, you will have to help him survive the following challenges that the game brings.

You are confused by a world full of ice, deserts and strange creatures that will hinder your survival. At the same time, you will discover the mysteries hidden beneath this mysterious land.


Get Started Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition, each player’s actions and actions have the sole purpose of surviving in this world. Players will be free to act on the map. You can explore the lands wherever you want in this miniature world. The only thing you need to worry about is the number of remaining survival days of the main character displayed on the screen, don’t let it drop to 0 or you will collapse.

Therefore, to be able to survive with Wilson, players will have to learn how to organize missions. The two main problems you need to care about in this world are solving the hunger that haunts the main character anytime, anywhere and finding Wilson a place to hide from bloodthirsty creatures when night falls. The item invention system plays an important role in the player’s survival journey.


Initially, you need to collect dry firewood, food or stones, the necessary items to start a fire and cook food. From there, you will have to invent tents that are more and more advanced than wooden houses to safely stay away from the monsters in the game. Other items that the player can also invent are tools, weapons, clothes, and even defense systems to be able to explore further lands of the haunted world.


Fixed crash when opening a trap chest.
Fixed crash when running out of charges for glommer bell.


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