Sygic Travel Maps Offline MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Discover things to do anywhere you go. Plan detailed trip itineraries. Get around with useful travel guides. An ultimate all-in-one app for every traveler.
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If you are a travel freak, Sygic Travel Maps is the app you should have on your phone. It’s like a potential tour guide with different facilities. Find the best activities in your dream destination in just one app. It also provides the latest travel trends in the area, including food and activities. This app could be a guide in planning trips with specific activities.

Create Tours with Specific Jobs

No matter how busy I am, I make time to travel to my favorite destinations. That’s why you have to admire the famous here and save the time to do it.Sygic Travel Maps is a handy assistant that I recommend. Users can schedule and enter specific times for estimated usage. Or just say what you want to do and let the app plan it for you. Calculate the time from travel to order processing time.

Offline Maps App to keep you in touch with all your destinations

The latest travel trends at your fingertips with this app. With Sygic Travel Maps, your trip will be the most cost-effective. Applications always provide the best user experience. With this application, there is no need to hire a tour guide. The application supports maps even without a network connection, allowing users to get to know every corner of the world while traveling.

Hundreds of millions of destinations chosen by many

As a smart traveler, you have to decide what you need to do before you reach your destination. Planning – an essential task in every trip. This app will show you famous destinations that you want to go to. There are hundreds of millions of cool travel destinations our app can display. We have everything from major attractions, accommodations, restaurants and smaller venues.

Details of tourist spots you want to visit

To provide users with accurate tourist information. Sygic Travel Maps regularly updates travel destinations with people-left photos and updates. All information we update about the app comes from experts or Wikipedia. From the opening hours of the destination, the visiting age or area admission fee. Each piece of information is accompanied by an image for the user to choose from.

Update More Attractions Videos

Let’s say you’re confused and haven’t decided on your main travel destination yet. See the most vivid landscapes with this application. His 500+ exclusive videos shot from famous destinations around the world show the best roles and areas to date. The best options come with videos so you can easily decide.

Use the Tourist Navigation Feature

Sygic Travel Maps gives you the best experience when you choose great travel destinations. I firmly believe in it. This app allows users to get precise directions to their destination. There are also specific directions from your area to the nearest location. Each area comes with a small navigation map to help users experience the journey on their own.

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  • Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner لقطة شاشة
  • Sygic Travel Maps Trip Planner لقطة شاشة


Sygic Travel Maps Offline v5.17.0 Premium | المرآة

Sygic Travel Maps Offline v5.16.2 Premium | المرآة

Sygic Travel Maps Offline v5.15.1 Premium | المرآة

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Android 14 compatibility. Fix for walking navigation crash. Fixes and maintenance.

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