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Stumble Guys, a massively multiplayer party knockout game, throws you into a whirlwind of clumsy chaos, hilarious falls, and frantic competition. Imagine Fall Guys meets Takeshi's Castle, all wrapped up in a colorful, mobile-friendly package.
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Imagine a vibrant online lobby buzzing with 31 other players, all eager to prove their stumbling prowess. Each round, you’ll be thrown headfirst into a series of outlandish obstacle courses, where gravity is your enemy and physics are your fickle friend. From slippery slime slides to dizzying seesaws, every level is a playground of unexpected challenges and guaranteed laughs.

Cooperation and Competition in Equal Measure

While the ultimate goal is to be the last Stumbler standing and claim the coveted crown, the journey is far from a solo act. Sometimes, you’ll need to team up with your fellow stumblers to overcome particularly tricky obstacles. But remember, camaraderie can only last so long. When the final platform shrinks and the slime closes in, prepare for a hilarious scramble for survival where even the most strategic alliances can crumble.

Dress for Success (or Failure)

Stumble Guys isn’t just about the chaotic gameplay; it’s also a platform for expressing your inner goofball. Unlock a vibrant array of costumes, from silly hotdogs and sassy unicorns to stylish pirates and even a grumpy cactus. Don’t forget to spice things up with hilarious emotes and animations, adding a touch of personality to your every stumble and fall.

Laughter, the Ultimate Reward

Forget about K/Ds and skill ratings; Stumble Guys is all about the pure joy of ridiculousness. Whether you’re a seasoned pro gracefully navigating the slime or a stumbling newbie face-planting into a wall, the game celebrates the humor in chaos. Every round is a potential meme waiting to happen, and the shared laughter is the true prize.

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What’s New in Version 0.72
Looney Tunes have invaded Stumble Guys! Dive into the chaotic new teams map, Special Delivery, where we have a whole new game mode, Payload Delivery!
New Workshop feature is here with customizable thumbnails!
NEW STUMBLERS: Check out our store for new offers each week
Server updates and general bug fixes


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