Polarr Photo Editor APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Discover millions of Polarr filters made by Polarr Creators around the world, or create and share your own filters with your friends. Polarr filters are much more than your regular filters. In addition to editing colors, you can include your own overlays, face adjustments, or change particular objects with AI in your Polarr filter. Polarr filters can also be applied on videos with Polarr 24FPS. With Polarr, it's never been easier to share your filters and aesthetics.
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معلومات التعديل:

  • اشتراك احترافي/ميزات مدفوعة غير مقفلة;
  • تم تعطيل/إزالة الأذونات غير المرغوب فيها + أجهزة الاستقبال + الموفرين + الخدمات;
  • رسومات مُحسَّنة ومُحسَّنة وموارد نظيفة لتحميل سريع;
  • تمت إزالة أذونات الإعلانات / الخدمات / الموفرين من Android.manifest;
  • تمت إزالة روابط الإعلانات وإلغاء طرق الاستدعاء;
  • تم تعطيل رؤية تخطيطات الإعلانات;
  • تم تعطيل التحقق من حزمة تثبيت متجر Google Play Google Play Store للتثبيت;
  • تمت إزالة رمز التصحيح;
  • قم بإزالة اسم علامات .source الافتراضية لملفات java المقابلة;
  • تم تعطيل التحليلات / Crashlytics;
  • اللغات: متعدد اللغات بالكامل;
  • وحدات المعالجة المركزية: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a;
  • DPIs شاشة DPIs: 160 نقطة في البوصة، 240 نقطة في البوصة، 320 نقطة في البوصة، 480 نقطة في البوصة، 640 نقطة في البوصة;
  • تم تغيير توقيع الطرد الأصلي;


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Polarr is an editing app with a completely different function that is convenient for editing. Advanced color correction features let you adjust images to your liking. At the same time, you can also use other people’s editing parameters through her QR code shared by others. In this way, endless editing possibilities are opened up before the user’s eyes.

Impressive photo editing experience

Experiment with Polarr and you’re sure to find editing features that make your images more appealing. At the same time, each part has tabs so you can easily select the right features and adjust the colors, add the right overlays, filters and many other features. These features are easily accessible to everyone and require specific experience to function properly over time.

Basic editing applications are similar to applications of the same genre when it comes to adding stunning color to images. I am using the filters provided by the application and every time I change the filters I see a new color. In addition, you can edit colors in more detail with elements such as brightness, exposure, and more. Also, don’t hesitate to experiment with overlays to make your images even more unique.

Choose the code type that’s right for you

One feature that many Polarr users love is the ability to edit with code. Perfect for a variety of uses. You can access pre-processed colors before you start. Of course, you don’t have to worry about balancing elements. People who use applications for a long time accumulate a lot of code that is always available. So what is the code? The code is understood as a user-submitted image, and this image has her QR code. These QR tasks include editing parameters for accompanying images. So your task is simple.
These code images can be found on various platforms. After selecting a lot of photos you like, you need to click “Import QR Code”. You will notice the change immediately after that.

Infinite Editing Possibilities

As mentioned earlier, users can easily find Polarr codes on the internet and use them to create amazing photos. You can also develop similar images and use them however you like. The application allows you to export your products in a completely streamlined way and gives you the freedom to choose whether or not you have a QR code. So the QR code will help you share it with your friends.

You don’t have to list the parameters your friends use to follow you, they just get your picture. Moreover, if the color is your favorite color, you can also save the changes you have made. At the same time, you can share your images on your favorite social networking sites without any code and impress your audience.

لقطات الشاشة

  • Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor لقطة شاشة
  • Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor لقطة شاشة
  • Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor لقطة شاشة
  • Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor لقطة شاشة
  • Polarr: Photo Filters & Editor لقطة شاشة

الوافدون الجدد

- New UI improvements and bug fixes to make your editing experience as smooth as can be.


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