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Moxy is a brand new, unique, shapeless icon pack which pushes the boundaries of what an icon pack can be!
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Moxy Icons is a useful tool to make your phone more unique and give it a new look instead of pre-using the old UI. Users can enjoy the most exciting features once they access this application.

Moxy Icons pro

Equipment inside and outside the phone is a must-have for anyone who uses a smartphone. However, finding an application that meets all your needs is not easy. So this application appearance will meet all your needs by its unique features.

A unique icon pack with thousands of different styles

Moxy Icons brings a new style to your phone while allowing you to experience a range of attractive features. Users can enjoy different styles with different icon themes. And since there are many icon packs with different characteristics, you are free to choose according to your taste, preview and decide which style really suits you. Additionally, you can create your own designs using Jahir Fiquitiva’s blueprint dashboard.

Moxy Icons

Enjoy dynamic calendar icons and unique cloud wallpapers

This application is not only unique in terms of icons, but also offers many other features for the best user experience.Enable new features and start overhauling your phone. Another interesting thing here is that you can use the dynamic calendar mode and accessorize your cloud wallpaper to make everything perfect. With over 3000 different icons, meticulously designed with sharp craftsmanship, the results won’t disappoint.

Moxy Icons apk

Updates and support for many new wallpapers and features

The application is continuously updated and offers many new features that you can explore and use. Cloud Wallpaper is also updated with 15 very different themes. Additionally, Moxy Icons includes software that supports multiple launchers and ensures uninterrupted use. In addition, Muzei Live Wallpaper is also a unique idea if you want to create your own personality and dive into the space of his pack of icons of different genres.

Key features

It’s a useful tool that makes your phone more unique with its external interface and special features that users enjoy. Check it all out and start overhauling your phone.

Provide 3000+ icon packs in different styles for you to choose and preview freely. Also, add cloud wallpaper to your collection and everything will be perfect.

Icon Pack is perfected down to the smallest detail with handcrafted techniques, making it the ideal place to dive in and enjoy it all.

The app offers a dynamic calendar icon along with 15 cloud backgrounds that are constantly updated.

With support for many different launchers and other features, users are also free to design their own drawings to create their own difference and novelty.

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  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot
  • Moxy Icon Pack Screenshot


Moxy Icons v20.7 APK (Patched) / Mirror

Older Version

Moxy Icons v20.6 APK (Patched) / Mirror

Moxy Icons v20.4 APK (Patched) / Mirror

الوافدون الجدد

- 135 New icons

- Added 140 new icons
- Added new twitter icons
- Added new WhatsApp icon colors

- Added 99 new icons
- Fixed icon search not loading when
- improved initial load speed. Now loads 30000 icons under 5 seconds.
- Updated the dashboard
- Fixed premium icons requests
- OneUI launcher is now available in apply section

- Added 88 New icons.

- Over 200 new icons from icons requests.


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