DayGram - يوميات سطر واحد في اليوم [مدفوع]

Daygram is a simple, electronic-ink-themed diary.
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Daygram is a simple diary application that provide users with the charming sense of e-ink. By writing down your everyday life events with Daygram, keeping a diary is no longer a burden

You will be accustomed to keeping a diary and enjoy writing! Let’s look back on what you have done today, write it down and promise yourself a better tomorrow. Daygram has user-friendly and intuitive interface. Forget about convoluted and complicated diary applications on the market! Meet Daygram and upgrade your lifestyle.
Writing every day doesn’t just make you a better writer. It makes you a better person
jot down everything that happened in the day in it. Good, bad and the ugly also. Recall, each event in a day; your thoughts, experiences, impressions, news, names, dictums, quarrels, fun and jokes. It’s your diary and therefore please jot-down everything as it is. All that you wanted to say but didn’t, why, when, how – follow your thought process and see how relaxing it is. Writing gives a vent to your emotions
— How to Use Daygram —
■ Write today’s diary
You can write or edit your today’s diary if you click the “+” button on the bottom of the main page.
■ Write past diary
Unwritten diaries have dots on them, and by clicking these dots can you write past diaries.
■ Search diary
If you scroll up the main page with your finger, a search browser will show up and you can search your diaries.
■ Delete diary
Long touch on the diary you want to delete and the delete menu will show up
■ Select Year/Month
You can select “Year” and “Month” on the left button of “+” on the main page and you can select Year/Month.
■ Story view
If you long touch the button right to “+” on the main page, it will change to “story view” where you can see all your diaries.
■ Move to this month
If you press the + button on the bottom of the main page for long, it will take you to the timeline page of this month.

لقطات الشاشة

  • DayGram - One line a day Diary لقطة شاشة
  • DayGram - One line a day Diary لقطة شاشة
  • DayGram - One line a day Diary لقطة شاشة
  • DayGram - One line a day Diary لقطة شاشة
  • DayGram - One line a day Diary لقطة شاشة

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DayGram – One line a day Diary v1.6.0 [Paid] APK / المرآة

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