ZenLock helps you be more mindful of the apps you use on your device.

Ever opened a time-consuming app out of boredom, just to escape reality, almost on auto-pilot?

ZenLock can display a mindful message for a set amount of time before opening the app to remind you of the importance of your time.

You’re in full control: pick which app you would like to block, how long to wait before the app will open, and how long the app will stay unlocked after that.

For example, you can set ZenLock to wait 20 seconds before opening a specific app, and then give you 10 minutes of normal usage once the time has passed.

With the free version, you can block up to 2 apps. Once you buy the full version within the app, you can block any app you want, and set the block to be active on specific days of the week only.

To work correctly, ZenLock requires access to the Accessibility Services on your device. You will be walked through on how to turn this option on when you first start the app. All the data accessed is used for the core functionality only – ZenLock does not require any permission and does not connect to the network.


  • Fixed fatal bugs on Android 4.4


The app was not found in the store. 🙁