XHangouts Xposed

Google Hangouts is a great messaging app for those of us who make considerable use of the Google Hangouts IM platform and SMS. XHangouts is tasked with improving the Google Hangouts experience on Android. From resolving deep technical issues to cool graphical UI tweaks.


  • Root
  • Xposed Framework
  • Xposed XHangouts Module

Easily enable or disable features without rebooting
Automatically rotate photos taken by your camera
High quality image resizing algorithm.
Tweak MMS, Google Voice, and Hangouts image dimensions
Choose between JPEG and PNG images at varying quality levels with an easy-to-use interface.
Change the enter key on your keyboard to add a new line or send your message (as opposed to opening the emoji keyboard).
(Currently deactivated) MMS APN Splicing. Send and receive MMS very quickly (and waste less battery) while on your mobile connection.
Personalize Hangouts! Choose from 23 different material design colors.
Activate the dark or AMOLED-friendly black theme to make Hangouts easier on the eyes and battery.
Change the chat bubble and text colors in conversations!
Hide the video and audio call toolbar buttons.
Enhance the Hangouts call button logic
Toggle the app’s launcher presence
Access XHangouts easily from an entry in the Hangouts menu
Send a message and lock your device with one tap
Customize ringtones and sounds
Disable the proximity sensor
Access the hidden and powerful Hangouts debug menu
Works on Xposed for Lollipop and Marshmallow!
Free and open-source software. No nags. No data collection. No secrets.


  • Make certain you’re on on the latest supported version of Google Hangouts! This is usually the latest available version.
  • Install the module by a) searching for it in the Xposed Installer or b) manually through the APK provided on GitHub or the Xposed website.
  • Enable the module in the Xposed Installer.
  • Reboot.
  • Done! XHangouts can be configured by opening up the Xposed Installer selecting Modules and then selecting XHangouts.




XHangouts Xposed v2.8.1-c076b47 Apk / Mirror

Xposed Framework / Mirror