X Launcher is on the basis of the IOS 11 , which designs many similar Phone X theme products. We promise there is without ads in iOS launcher. Your phone can be decorated beautifully with iOS launcher, which will make others envy your phone. This is a product that can help you show your personality and style. It is designed for users who love Iphone X .

No Ads – Have you ever been annoyed by ads? Can you imagine a launcher without ads? X Launcher Pro will cater all your needs! We remove annoyed ads, there will no accidental disturbances, and you can immerse yourself in the outstanding features of X Launcher.


The best IOS 11control center, which will always running! When you in the game or in other app, you can always set up the control panel to set your music player, WIFI, Bluetooth, brightness, volume, camera, flashlight and so on. Strong compliant performance will benefit you!

Real-time weather widget – Recent weather information will be known to you. The weather of this week and next week is displayed on the desktop. You can see the weather information you need inadvertently. Of course you can switch the city and widget position, it is very convenience!

Hide apps – A very sophisticated approach to open and hide your apps. Only two fingers can enlarge gestures to open this features, in this way it is more subtle than other Launcher Pro! In addition! besides, a password can be given in it. We can assure that your app is hidden in here safely!

IOS Notify – In the new version of X Launcher desktop, we have introduced a notification system that is very similar to IOS, turn on the red dot tips in the settings, you can open your Facebook, Twitter and other social software notification, none of this information will be missed! You can get an excellent experience in the notification system of X Launcher Pro.

Frequently accessed APPs – Your frequently accessed App can be found quickly. You can open all apps through the drop-down, which will show your recently used apps, or you can search recommended IOS APP in the search box. Frankly speaking, it helps a lot!

Fantastic cool 3D switching effects and live wallpaper – Only press the blank area on the desktop, can you find magical effects. We have many fantastic cool 3D switching effects. Choose one of your favorite to experience it.

Thousands of beautiful wallpapers and themes are waiting for you! You can explore in X Launcher Pro without ads. What are you waiting for?

More high-tech such as Ios11 notifications, message alerts and Face IDs can be seen in the near future!

Come on! A brand new APP is waiting for you! Let’s create future together


  • No Ads
  • OS 11 Control Center
  • Hide Apps
  • Beautiful Wallpapers
  • Stylish Themes
  • Real-time weather


  • X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center Screenshot
  • X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center Screenshot

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X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center v2.6.1 [Paid] APK / Link / Link / Link

X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center v2.5.3 [Paid] APK / Link / Link / Link

X Launcher Pro: PhoneX Theme, OS11 Control Center v2.5.2[Paid] APK / Link / Link / Link