Turn your phone screen into a wonderwall with Weatherback! Weatherback is a FREE app that adds cool weather effects to your home screen. If you want to have cool wallpaper HD with weather effects whether they are cloudy, rainy, snowy, or other effects. You can add rain effect to turn any static wallpaper and make it looks like nature after the rain, or you can add thunder effect and makes your dark home screen looks like a dark and stormy night. Download now and turn any wallpapers to be most artistic wallpaper app!

Many people want to turn their home screens into wonderwalls by installing various cool wallpaper HD. Some people like abstract, animals, nature, or artistic wallpapers. Some people love to view cities at night, which is why so many people love Paris or New York wallpapers. Some people love to view the beautiful weather and sky and are looking for gorgeous weather condition backgrounds so they can view the cloudy sky, the nature after the rain, or the mysterious dark and stormy night. By using Weatherback, you can enjoy your favorite wallpapers and backgrounds with addition of cool weather effects!


• Get accurate weather forecast along with stunning home screens.
• Enjoy cool wallpaper HD with realtime weather condition data.
• Stunning weather effects for people who love unique and artistic wallpapers.
• Add random weather effects for your app.
• Customize the effects to personalize your home screen.
• Low battery usage – stop worrying about energy consumption. Our app barely uses any!
• Compatible with most Android devices.

No matter where you live, now you can enjoy San Francisco, LA, Paris, or New York wallpaper with real weather effects and always know about the current weather condition. You can turn your favorite city or nature wallpapers and backgrounds into after the rain scenes, dark and stormy night scenes, or snowy scenes with just a few tap of your fingers.


Weatherback is the only app that provides all these advance features for you and we hope you enjoy our app as much as we do!

————- Free Weather Effects: ————–:

» Sunny
» Cloudy – customizable
» Light Rain
» Dust
» Dark
» Thunder
» Ice
» Sunrise



added ability to unlock a star effect


  • Weather Live Wallpaper: Rain, Snow, weather apps💧 Screenshot
  • Weather Live Wallpaper: Rain, Snow, weather apps💧 Screenshot