Slow phone? Memory is always full? WashAndGo cleans and optimizes your Android system! The free cleaner frees storage and gives your smartphone a boost. It deletes waste data and caches and suggests apps for deletion that haven’t been used for a long time.
The Android cleaner’s PREMIUM version also protects you from spying apps and unsecure WiFi networks.


App Manager
★ Lists all apps that can be uninstalled
★ Recommends apps for deletion that haven’t been used in a while (from Android 5.0)
★  Frees precious memory

File Manager
★ Lists all saved files
★ Recommends files for deletion that are older than 30 days
★ Filter/sort by file type (image, video, music, document)


Cache Manager
★ Deletes app caches and empty folders
★ Finds and removes waste data like preview images and installation files
★ Frees memory

PREMIUM: Security Features
★ Stops snooping apps
★ Warns you of unsecure WiFi networks
★ Removes WiFi networks (up to Android 5.0)

Clean your smartphone quickly and easily – with WashAndGo!

What’s New
We improved the cleaning reminder that helps you to keep your device tidy constantly.
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  • WashAndGo Mobile Cleaner Screenshot


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