An amazing Cinema VR App. VU Cinema – VR 3DVideo Player allows you to watch the video as you go to the theater/ cinema. The virtual scene of theater / cinema is presented with3D scene.
An easy control way has been provided. All functions of this Appcould be controlled via “Gaze Selection”. In the other word, youdon’t need to take out your phone for function control.
Furthermore, “Auto Quality Control” gives you a bettermovie-watching experience that will definitely impress you.

P.S. This is a VR Cardboard app; it only works with GoogleCardboard Virtual Reality Headset.

– Hands-Free
This VR cardboard app doesn’t need extra input for function control. The gaze-selection function is             provided.
– Reality Cinema Scene
IMAX (PRO version only) and Regular theater, the theater scenecould be disabled from Control Bar
– Quality Setting
– Orientation Lock
– Time Seek
– 3D Video Support
VU Cinema – VR Theater Player supports 3D format; Side by Side andTopBottom format
– Play/Pause
– Orientation Re-Center
– Volume Control
– Video Thumbnail Selection
– Subtitle
Support SRT and ASS format with UTF-8 encoding (require thesubtitle file and video file in the same folder, and the subtitlefile has the exact same name as the video file in order to load thesubtitle automatically)
– Photo Browsing and Slideshow
– YouTube Video (PRO version only)
Support most popular videos and voice search
– IMAX Seat Selection



VU Cinema – VR Theater Pro v4.4.266 / Alternative Link