Stop spam callers and block unwanted calls with a few clicks and swipes with the help of best call blocker – VBlocker.

This highly user friendly app is developed to be the #1 spam call blocker and text blocker in the Android app market with the help of cutting edge technology and a dedicated team of developers.

VBlocker promotes a hassle free mobile experience to its large user base with an array of attractive features that are unique to this app. VBlocker is not a mere app to block unknown calls, but a lifesaver in this digital era. The superiority of the Best Call blocker and SMS blocker app is due to its unique features and performance that competitor apps cannot offer. This is simply the glitch free version of current Android apps for call blocking available in the market.

Unique Features Introduced By VBlocker
Apart from the user-friendliness, attractive and minimalistic UIs, and high-end performance, the R&D component of the app led the team of developers to take blocking unknown calls into a whole new level. Below are the key highlights implemented to the latest version of VBlocker after researching on more than 25 top spam call blocker and SMS Blocker apps in the market.

VBlocker has introduced a range of inimitable features such as:
• Spam Community Blocking (Automatically block spam call and spam text message as per spam server report database)
• International Call and Text Blocking
• Battery Level Blocking
• Schedule Blocking (offers a range of options for users to create their own schedule of activating call blocking)
• Private number blocking to :stop spam callers:
• Voicemail Blocking (Supports only in lower version devices, not all. In higher version 5.0 and later Android Framework deny the permission of call accept and hang and that is the reason it is not working. One can give it a try)
• Blocking unlimited numbers
• Spam Caller Identification and Pop up
• 6 methods to stop spam callers (via the Call Logs, Contacts, SMS Logs, Series/Word, Manual Numbers or Unknown Number List)
• Create White list contacts
• Call blocking and SMS blocking history
• Customized levels of blocking for each number
• Report Spam feature to make spam community strong
• User Profile to get professional look
• Spam search option
• Recent Call logs with dialer and Contacts tab
• Password Protection
• Backup And Restoration Capability
• Auto Response Capability
• Export History
• A Range Of Awesome Skins
• Compatible with Android versions 2.3 and above

What Does VBlocker Premium Package Offer?
The VBlocker offers three distinct Premium Packages that are specialized in delivering better experiences to its users through added advantages, enhanced features and higher level of performance. Premium packages of this spam call blocker and SMS blocker app includes the following benefits to its users:
• Zero Ad Policy
• Password Protection
• Backup And Restoration Capability
• Auto Response Capability
• Export History
• A Range Of Awesome Skins
• Schedule Blocking
• International Blocking

What are you waiting for? Download the most advanced call and sms blocker Android app of all times to block unwanted calls and stop spam callers for good!

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If your device runs on Android V4.4 and above, it is necessary to Set VBlocker as the Default SMS app to support SMS Blocking as per Android Framework. VBlocker will be your SMS app for send and receive text messages.

What’s New
Version 3.0.3 – Dated: 25 Jan, 2017
1. Crashes and bugs fixes
Please take the update. Enjoy and please keep providing feedback. It’s highly appreciated!


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