Ultra-high Pixel Camera (Paid)

Ultra-high Pixel Camera (Paid)

Want to decorate the photo or convert the photo to: Sketch? Comics? Mosaic?… and so on.

This application can suit your needs!
Functions :
(1) Photo processing filter.
(2) Support up to 8K resolution photos (8192 x 8192 pixels).

(1) A key photo shoot.
(2) A key to share photos to social networking sites, e-mail and text messages.
(3) Deal with album pictures.
(4) Image filter weight adjustment.
(5) Click the picture automatically saved to the album.
(6) Built-in image processing technology :
1. Rich color
2. Monochrome
3. Projection
4. Reverse
5. Sharp
6. Blur
7. Paper
8. Pencil
9. Wave
10. Pixel

Quickstart :
(1) Click on the top left corner button: Select the photo from the album.
(2) Zoom in or out of two fingers: Adjust the image area.
(3) Drag the bottom of the Scrollbar: display filter effects.
(4) Click the other function buttons: to share photos or take pictures.
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What’s New
Bugs Fixed.


  • Super Kamera - Ultra-high Pixel Camera Screenshot
  • Super Kamera - Ultra-high Pixel Camera Screenshot


Ultra-high Pixel Camera (Paid) v10.17.0 / Mirror

Ultra-high Pixel Camera (Paid) v10.16.0 / Mirror

Ultra-high Pixel Camera (Paid) v10.15.0 / Mirror