Tapatalk connects you to people who share your own passions and interests. Millions of members are online now, sharing their expert opinions with others who can truly appreciate them. Tapatalk is different from traditional social media–the people you meet will be as excited by your hobby as you are.

* Easily find an area that you’re into: cars, tech, fashion, sports, and more
* Follow topics and share with like-minded people
* Post ideas/pics/videos & get feedback from fellow experts
* Meet + chat with other members just like you

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What’s New

  •  More Native Android UI element and design
  •  Ability to create new topic or new private message from main screen
  •  New My Posts / My History / My Resource section in Me tab
  •  Ability to Mute a specific subscription without having to unsubscribe
  •  Remove “Tags” and “Interests” features from the app
  •  And a lot more under-the-hood improvements!


  • Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums Screenshot
  • Tapatalk - 200,000+ Forums Screenshot