Super Booster Pro

Super Booster Pro The newest multipurpose application ensuring proper performance of your Android device.

Highlights of Super Booster:
o Light and stylish interface
o Simple to use
o Fast trash cleaner
o Improvement of phone and network performance
o Management of applications
o Antivirus protection
o Battery saver

Phone Booster
Increases the performance of your phone by closing low priority tasks and services preserving the memory for high priority tasks. This helps your phone run faster and smoother.

Trash Cleaner
Identifies and cleans unnecessary data from cache, system trash, useless APKs, memory and your files. By launching this function at least once in two weeks you will avoid lags in your device’s performance.

App Manager
Uninstall applications you don’t use, create folders, move applications from the phone memory to the SD card, disable applications to preserve battery.

Network booster
Boosts internet up to 2 times with one simple click. You definitely won’t have to wait an eternity till the browser loads a page.

Identifies malwares and viruses on your device, as well as eliminates them ensuring proper performance.


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Super Booster Pro v1.0 APK / Mirror