No root needed!

Stitchcraft makes it easy to stitch multiple screenshots into a long one. Just like scrolling screen capture.

  1. Take screenshots as usual. make sure there is common area between screenshots.
  2. Choose the screenshots to stitch them into a tall one.

Tips: for better matching result, please take screenshots in order and make sure the overlaps.


  • Ads Free!
  • Works with fixed background screenshots.
  • Stitching long screenshot fast, easily and automatically.
  • Just scroll and capture the screenshots then all done by the app.
  • You can also stitch manually(awesome)
  • Editing screenshot with drawing on it.
  • Elegant and easy-to-use user interface!
  • Manage the screenshots your ever made.
  • Easy to share with you friends or to the social media.


Please, instead of just giving a bad rating, contact us for any problem! We are always willing to help you!

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New mode to create a long screenshot(5.0 and above). Watch the tutorial:
Add QuickSettings tile for Android 7.0


  • Stitchcraft: Long screenshot Screenshot
  • Stitchcraft: Long screenshot Screenshot
  • Stitchcraft: Long screenshot Screenshot