StepLock An innovative self-control tool which blocks applications of your choice until you walk a specific amount of steps every day.

Simply pick the app from a list of installed apps on your device, sets the amount of steps needed for you to use it and get walking! StepLock will count your steps, and block the app when you open it if the steps target is not reached.

StepLocks make use of the hardware step detector sensors introduced with Android 4.4, which are designed to be low power and have a minimal impact of battery – however, this sensor is only present on newer (2014+) phones. If you find unable to install the app on your device, it probably means it lacks the appropriate sensor. Sorry!

StepLock is completely free to use with a in-app purchase which unlocks full functionality – allowing you to block more than 2 apps and activate blocks only on specific days of the week.

On Android 6.0 onward, the app needs App Usage Access permission to work correctly. If required, you will shown a short message prompt asking you to enable it. StepLock does not use App Usage Data for any other reason than its core functionality.



Changed app detection method to Accessibility Services, which is more performant and needs less permissions


  • StepLock • Walk & Unblock Apps Screenshot
  • StepLock • Walk & Unblock Apps Screenshot