. No more worrying about hackers,websites, apps, or even this app spying on you, there’s no internet or WiFi needed or used in any way to make this app run! Spy Blocker is light weight and uses very little battery! It can also let you know if someone used your phone for certain things. To access this feature you just turn your sound and display warnings switches to the off position and whoever tries to use your phone will never know Spy Blocker is logging information for you. Spy Blocker also runs on all androids!
NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO YOUR PRIVACY BUT YOU!!! With this app you will have the security of knowing that your personal information and phone is always safe and controlled by YOU! We Hope everyone enjoys this app and would appreciate any and all inputs. If any changes are requested, or if anyone would like to see anything added please just let us know! Thanks!
What’s New
Removed unused permissions.


The app was not found in the store. 🙁