Song Cutter is a very simple ringtone maker tool and song cutting.
Best application to Use as Song Cutter or Music Editor and also as Music slicer.

Unique Feature of Song Cutter:
♪ You can also make small clip from device’s default audio files and default device’s song cut and merge.
♪ There is no such application on play store which gives you this unique feature. So This Song Cutter is an unique android application.
♪ Through baseline Set any cutest audio file as favorite, It’s truly audio trimmer,Ringtone maker,audio cutter and mp3 cutter, Song slicer and Merger,reverse,Use with Video Editor.Make cutest video Ringtone,two song mixer.
♪ Cutter,audio cutter,media cutter,music editor,Cut default ringtones or Song Editor, Music or Song Editor,ringtone setter,too.

Other Salient Features:
♪ Multi-languages supported with sound editing.Set
♪ Use for Ringtone or ringtone cutter,maker,creator,editor,waveform,reverse, music slicer,song merger.Use Audio parellal to Video Cutter.
♪ Record and Make beautiful and cutest tone and set as catering alarm, notification and set as contact tone.Make two more audio file together.Merge also.
♪ Cut song and Cut music files stored on the device, make a creative tone or Edit music,Slice Music.Music Tag editor,song mixer.
♪ Supports all song formats MP3, WAV, AAC, AMR, 3GPP, 3GP, M4A,OGG.
♪ Set any music file to as default ringtone or catering notification or alarm upto baseline.
♪ Easily share ringtones and delete file.And Set With audio video.
♪ Audio editing features at millisecond-level perfect song cut and merge,two song mixer.
♪ Option to Rename the new created song while saving it,Merge It.
♪ Make creative and new tone to impress your friends and also share with them.Song tag edit.
♪ Song Cutter, Audio Editor, Ringtone maker,catering,Music Editor, Slicer,mixer.

How to use:
Step 1: Select
Search any song file to edit and cut or to make ringtone.
Step 2: Edit
Now, touch and drag markers to set proper ringtone. Press the play button to preview the selected ringtone before saving it. Also you can manually edit start and end points of desire music file.Cut Music.
Step 3: Save
Save the file and you can convert it to an alarm or a ringtone or a notification tone. And finally set cutest tone to your loved one.

Upcoming features:
-Merge Multiple Audio files.


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