This app allows you to take a secret screenshot on your phone, with just the home button! It’s easy, it’s fast, it’s great!

How it works
This app intelligently prevents apps like SnapChat from detecting that you took a screenshot with this app. With this app you can take these secret screenshots with just the home button!

You support Lollipop?
Yes, but you have to be more careful when using the app on Android 5/5.1. On SnapChat, you actually have to long-press the homebutton before viewing a snap. Then open the Snap, as SnapShot will capture anything on screen 3 seconds after pressing the home button.

Permissions: We ACTUALLY care about your privacy
Different from all those other app telling you they do to, we actually care about your privacy. SnapShot doesn’t have the FULL_INTERNET_ACCESS permission and can thus not access the internet in any way. Here are the reasons for the few requested permissions:

Start on startup
SnapShot uses this permission to enable a workaround to an issue happening on some Samsung devices, where SnapShot will stop working after a reboot. When this option is enabled in Settings, SnapShot runs a few lines of code to fix the errror on startup.

Draw over other apps
This permission is used to show hints when the user has not enabled all neccessary options in the settings and wants to take a screenshot.

Read/Write External Storage
This is (obviously) for storing the screenshots on the phone’s memory.

Google Play License Check
This is to make sure you are not using some fake version of the app, only the official version downloaded from here.


  • Rollback to old folder selection system for stability
  • Added PNG support
  • Fixed missing cropping option


  • SnapShot - Screenshots Pro Screenshot
  • SnapShot - Screenshots Pro Screenshot

Download Links

SnapShot – SnapChat Screenshots Pro v2.0.4 build 22 [Paid] APK / Link / Link / Link