Smarter Wi-Fi management: Automatically control your Wi-Fi connection and only connect to wireless networks in areas you trust!

Smarter Wi-Fi automatically learns and enables Wi-Fi where you use it, and disables it when you’re not.
Smarter Wi-Fi Manager improves the security and privacy of your device by only enabling Wi-Fi in locations where you actually use it. Instead of letting your device advertise the name of your home network or try to connect to anyone who has left an access point set to the default name just because you once used a friends network who didn’t configure it, Smarter Wi-Fi Manager will turn it off when you’re not near somewhere you’ve used Wi-Fi before.
Concerned about city-wide tracking of clients? When your Wi-Fi is turned off, you won’t be broadcasting your MAC address.
Learning a new location is as simple as turning on Wi-Fi: As soon as you’ve successfully connected, Smarter Wi-Fi Manager will start learning the new location and remember it in the future!
Control Wi-Fi by auto-learned location, Bluetooth devices (always turn off Wi-Fi in the car, for example), and time ranges (keep Wi-Fi on from 5 to 9pm).
Smarter Wi-Fi Manager is open source! Find the full source code at

What’s New


– New! Utilize Android background scanning to enable networks instead of towers (go to Settings and switch to “Use background scanning”, then connect to a network like normal the first time)
– New! Optional ability to ignore learning open networks automatically
– Lots of bug fixes to the bringup/shutdown timing, tower maintenance, and other components.



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  • Smarter WiFi Manager Screenshot


Smarter WiFi Manager v2016.11.84 / Mirror