Welcome to Smart SMS, the next generation SMS app: fast, lightweight and smart!

*** This app does not send FREE SMS! ***
Welcome to Smart SMS, the next generation SMS app: fast, lightweight and smart!

*** This app does not send FREE SMS! ***

INSTALLED BY MORE THAN 100,000 people!

Smart SMS has the following features:
– complete support for SMS: reading, composing, sending, receiving
– complete support for MMS with images: reading, composing, sending, receiving (only for Android 4.0)
– conversation list grouped by contact with multiple addresses and message list with bubbles style or simple style
– pictures of contact from address book, number of received/sent/unread messages, draft and smart date of last message (e.g., ‘yesterday’ instead of the full date)
– compact messages arrived in short time, smart ordering (never have messed up messages like in other apps!)
– complete customizable notifications: sound, vibration, LED color, icon, notifications for individual address and reminders
– status bar notifications with contact pictures, or privacy mode with only sender or completely anonymous, expandable notification actions and head-up notification
– nice notification popup supporting multiple messages with quick reply, delete, close, view, call, text-to-speech message and animations
– nice UI themes and animations with possibility to fully customize colors and sizes for each address
– automatically resend messages on error
– fast integrated backup/restore messages on SD
– multiple selection with batch delete and quick actions menu touching contact pictures
– trash for messages with auto-deletion of old ones
– different emoticon themes and Emoji support also from popup!
– archive and privacy hidden inbox with privacy notifications and black list for unwanted senders
– widget with last unread message
– (PRO) app locker with password
– (PRO) widget to fast lock/unlock

The Free version has ads in order to support development.

PRO version has the following additional features:
– no ads!
– features released earlier
– 7 free themes!
– app lock with password
– unlimited black list senders (2 in Free version)
– unlimited backups (3 in Free version)
– unlimited privacy inbox address (1 in Free version)
– global privacy (make all notifications private until disabled)
– custom popup animations

If you have suggestions, requests, or want to report bugs please use the links in the app, I will do my best to make you happy! :-)

To give feedback, suggestions, or ask for bug fixing, please drop me an email. Due to the high number of received mails I cannot answer to everyone but all requests will be taken into considerations. Note that only requests and bug reports about the latest released version will be received.

– Before installing the Pro version please remove the Free one since they cannot run together on the same phone or errors may appear
– This app can send crash report for helping us improve the app or fix bugs.
– If you have some problems in upgrade please uninstall and reinstall it
– If you receive double notifications or have double messages uninstall other SMS apps that may the issue

IMPORTANT: If you still receive errors or crashes you may have an incompatible device. SMS APIs are not standard and some manufacturer may have changed them. If you receive errors and you are rooted please contact me so you can send me information that will help me to handle your device correctly

What’s New

  •  Android 7.0 Nougat
  •  Unlock with fingerprint support (Marshmallow and above, requires fingerprint sensor)
  •  Multi-window support for Nougat
  •  Added quick reply from notification
  •  Bug fixes and improvements


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Download Links

Smart SMS v3.5.1 APK / Alternative Link

Smart SMS v3.5.1 OBB / Alternative Link