This is the Pro version of SkEye.If you are an advanced user or would like to support the development of SkEye, please consider purchasing this version.

This version has:
• Support for Comets.
• The complete NGC, IC catalog with a powerful object filter
• Satellite tracking
Note that TLE data is not automatically updated. I haven’t added this mainly to avoid an extra permission: Internet access.
• All stars upto mag 10 are rendered.

What’s New
6.11 (8 March 2017)
* Correct the magnitude calculation for Comet 2P/Encke
* M1 is now called crab nebula, instead of Taurus A
* Ability to search stars by their designation in english (sigma instead of σ)
* Completed list of named stars
* Increased number of named stars to 2400, so that southern pole star (sigma octanis) is included
* Smoother display when connected to Wiced Sense devices, on some newer Android phones