Sign for Spotify lets you open any shareable Spotify content immediately with a single click. Avoid the hassle to find your favorite content inside Spotify. We, the hardcore Spotify users, deserve Sign for the best listening experience.

There’s a permanent notification and various beautiful widgets to access your content immediately. Everything is extremely customizable.

Beautiful and highly customizable various widgets
A highly customizable permanent notification
Create shortcuts for any content
Incredible customization possibilities for everything
Dynamic shortcuts display the top 4 added content entries
Sort and edit your added Spotify content with ease
If signed in, your settings and added content will never be lost, no matter what happens!
Auto, night and day app theme
Hide app icon

Supported Spotify content
Podcasts and podcast episodes
Video shows

Notes and Spotify restrictions
Any content is opened with default settings. (Shuffle mode, continue from last position etc. is not possible to add)
Only shareable content can be added to Sign


It was hard, but I have won a huge battle. We have taken this treasure (v3) :
• More widget settings
• Enable a control bar
• Enable/ Display a sort option
• Display and change a title for the widget
• Choose specific added entries, not just by category
• Notification height fixes
• Various fixes and improvements
But the war continues…


The app was not found in the store. 🙁


Sign for Spotify – Spotify Widgets and Shortcuts v3.0.1 [Paid] / Mirror

Sign for Spotify – Spotify Widgets and Shortcuts v2.3.5 [Paid] / Mirror