Root Uninstaller & SuperSU Installer

Root Uninstaller && SuperSU Installer

Root later related binary file is a loop activated power program, these residual files will make your phone slow, power greater, reduce the security of the phone. And it will also shut down the phone’s security mechanism SElinux, making it easier for mobile phones to get the Trojan virus’s invasion. This APP will help you reopen SELinux. Make your cell phone always perfect.

If your phone is already root, and you want to remove root. This application can help you, or you want to replace it with SuperSU. Then the application can also help you, just click a button to completeĀ When the first use, if the authorization interface pops up, click Run.

Authorization to the RootMan application We need root privileges to help you with the tasks you need.

> To help you delete the remaining files after uninstalling the application
> Turn on SELinux to make your phone more secure. Be flawless
> Improve the response speed of the phone.
> Save the phone’s battery. It is not necessary to turn off the power consumption process.

If you delete the root, the kingroot icon on the desktop, restart the phone was deleted


>Remove kingroot su
>Replace to SuperSU


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Root Uninstaller & SuperSU Installer v1.0 (Paid) / Mirror