Research suggests that blue light from your phone before going to bed is harmful to your sleep. Red Moon tackles this problem and makes sure you have the best possible sleep!
* Red Moon can automatically turn on when it gets dark. You can also set custom times when Red Moon should turn on or off.
* You can save various settings profile, for example a relaxing red profile for reading and a color neutral profile for watching movies.
* Thanks to Red Moon’s three easy to use sliders, you have full control over your screen. You can even choose exactly what color you want the filter to be.
* Red Moon’s widget makes it easy to quickly darken your screen.
* You can control the Red Moon quickly through the notification.
* Red Moon uses almost no battery and automatically turns off when it isn’t needed.
* Red Moon can integrate with your phones internal brightness settings for a seamless experience.
* Red Moon has an intuitive user interface, compliant with the Material Design guidelines.
* Red Moon will never annoy you with ads.
Red Moon needs some permissions to work:
* Red Moon needs the ‘Draw over other apps’ permission to filter the blue light from you phone screen.
* Red Moon needs the ‘Modify system settings’ permission to be able to automatically lower the brightness when the filter is on.
* Red Moon needs access to your ‘Approximate location’ to be able to determine at what time the sun sets, so it can turn on at night.
* Red Moon needs the ‘Run at startup’ permission so the filter can persist when your device is rebooted.
Red Moon is open source and free of ads and in app purchases. Red Moon is licensed under the GNU General Public License either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This license protects the rights of you, the user, and doesn’t take any rights away from you.
You can follow the development of Red Moon at .
If you have any suggestions or are experiencing issues, please email [email protected] or start an issue on the Github page.

What’s New
* Add a new preference to choose how the hardware buttons should be dimmed
* Fix bug where the filter wouldn’t automatically turn on/off (#126)
* Updated icons
* The service is now cleaned up when it isn’t needed
* Let the notifications show it when Red Moon is paused in a secure app
* Improve logging
* Target new Android API
* Updated translations


  • Red Moon - Screen Filter Screenshot
  • Red Moon - Screen Filter Screenshot